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Georgi Y Johnson
Writer, teacher and life-time inquisitor.
Writer, teacher and life-time inquisitor.

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Scientists Have Observed Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down for 14 Generations

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As human beings, we are in a process of evolution which involves perpetual impermanence. Yet our very ability to experience gain and loss; birth and death; slavery and liberation depends on our being more than that. It depends on the very freedom that is inherent to creation itself, and which is fundamental to the consciousness that can sing as it dances through the parting waves of the Red Sea towards the promised land, and to the voice that out of the passionate fire of creation can name itself only as: I am that I am.
#passover #nonduality

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Adoring then I find you here
In the space between naval and neck,
In my fingers,
quietly courting the waves
That divide future and past.
miracle to exist.

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Life is so much more than knowing. As the greatest healer, life will (sooner or later) tear apart knowledge and liberate it again in sheds of silver into the vast unknown. What is known will be melted, scattered, recycled and reabsorbed. If not now, then in the now of our death. And if not in the now of our death, then in the now of our rebirth

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THIS SUNDAY! (Tomorrow) Epigenetics, genetics & family trauma. How we can heal ourselves and release new freedom and quality from the cellular level. A special webinar with Mark Wolynn.

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A man in jail for a crime he didn’t commit discovered he was paying the price for a murder his father had been acquitted for a generation earlier.
A woman who couldn’t understand her sudden indifference toward her husband was entangled with her grandmother who lost her husband tragically at the same age.
A young, Cambodian boy whose self-destructive behavior was linked to the murder of his grandfather by the Khmer Rouge.
A woman with claustrophobia—unable to ride in a plane or elevator—made the connection to her father’s parents who perished in a gas chamber.
A woman with a paralyzing fear that her child would die discovered that her grandparents lost two children before they immigrated to the United States.

Inherited trauma Webinar with Mark Wolynn - this SUNDAY 26th MARCH

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Research on survivors of the Holocaust shows how catastrophic events can alter our body chemistry, and how these changes can transmit to the next generation. The result? Our children may suffer the effects of a traumatic event they never witnessed. NewsHour’s Stephen Fee has the story.

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Out of this power, a deeper evolution that arises out of the freedom beneath all human differentiation can be liberated.
#trauma #epigenetics #race #american

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The ultimate inside – that which is at source of consciousness and perception – is integral and at source to every moment of experience. The very nature of the split between inner and outer and the sense of confinement within the ‘inner’ world can be released when a realization emerges that everything is inside, and that ‘here’ is simultaneously everywhere and nowhere.

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"Our refusal to allow intimacy with all the cracks in creation, our rejection of the imperceivable, throws up more loneliness, which in its solitary pride whips up more shame and disgust at intimacy. In this way, we spiral into a greater confusion of suffering. And we lose our ground on this sacred earth, separated in our consciousness, even from our own illusions."
Georgi Y. Johnson
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