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Could this media coverage be anymore one sided?
And the laser pointers in Brock's face??!!
That's the REAL C'MON MAN

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This is always how I will remember him
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Game day!!

If I manually flashed the 7.0 Beta to my Nexus 6....will I receive the OTA to the release version, or do I have to flash it?

I'm on T-Mobile if that makes a difference.

Serious question....does anybody else feel that as the DevOps field evolves...the System Admin roll is going to deteriorate over time? Possibly not in the small shops with 1 or 2 people in the IT department, but in Medium size businesses to Enterprises.

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Mr Gomez,

A quote is a quote for a reason and as for being criticized for your numbers....that's going to continue to happen unless they improve no matter who is writing an article.

P.S. Regardless of your far this're terrible.
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