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Diabetic patients need not to refrain from sugar, we have right solutions for you, we brought Stevia powder, which is 200 times sweeter than sugar can be ordered from any geographical region|COD available.

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Organoindia brought range of genuine organic food, tea and beauty products for organic lovers with delivery at doorstep facilities.

Access range of organic products@

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Energize & Uplift your mood with high quality,certified organic tea available at

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Organoindia brings you range of organic tea.
"We sell organic, you buy for Ecology,Farmers,Goodness and Healthy living(EFGH)."

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That Day is not far when whole world will be in despair due to their unfair work style and unfair approach towards nature and every answer and remedy they will get in "Veda" only as Indian culture is well researched for 3000 yrs and it can't fail at any juncture.
So i would request our fellow Indian that go back to Veda and believe in it and start living life like that way.

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How we can bring change to our food :

Undoubtedly accessing to organic food grains & stuff is not feasible for all class like only top class can afford it as it is 2.5 times costlier than normal foods.
Now question arises how to make organic food accessible to everybody we organo india is very concern about this.

So i can see two possibilities 1-If you have little space generally in rural people have land wherein they can produce organic for their own use.
In urban, lower and middle class don’t have any of this neither a sufficient amount to shift from normal to organic foods nor the money to buy organic.
Now for them only thing remain is wait till prices gets lower and it will be happen only when there is sufficient production taking place so this is vague answer that they should wait till.
Only option remain with this scenario is to help produce manure,compost and deshi khad because more it will replace urea and other chemical based khad, we can get organic foods at ample amount and hence that will be accessible to everybody then we organo india can rest in peace.
We are not here to do business rather we are here to make available organic foods accessible to everybody and for this your support is vital.

Big question is how people can help produce deshi khad simple answer is manage your wastage properly specially for biodegradable inside or outside you have to have proper management and separation from whole waste then someday we can bring major change not only to our food but also we can keep our premises clean help ecology balanced and many more.

So come and join us through our campaign “ Wastage can get vantage “
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