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Yeah, most of my videos are actually for future reference purposes, they're not really meant to be for entertainment. My Link Between World videos will be embedded in my LoL pages eventually, for example, so people can see some of the changes in action. There's definitely no way I can talk during my exercise bike videos though :P

I have thought about doing LPs or similar videos - I'd love to play through Japanese games and maybe translate them on the fly, like with Tomato Adventure and other games that never got released outside of Japan. Maybe even try to do on-the-fly translation notes for Mother 3... although that might be too exhausting, heh. The problem is that I have so little time in the day that I almost never ever play games. On average I maybe free-time game only a couple hours a month total :X

But yeah, I'd like to give LP-ish stuff a shot sometime.
I'm very curious as to why you don't voice over your gameplay footage. I get that you ride your exercise bike while you play, but it seems like there's a missed opportunity for you to make some really insightful commentary.
Based on what you write on Legends of Localization, I'd personally love to hear your opinions on the games you play.

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