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Great additions!

Google Classroom has seen a lot of feedback from teachers, administrators, and students over the past year.  Thanks to your ideas and comments, we’ve made huge changes that should make managing your classroom even easier to manage this Fall!

Today, we’re excited to announce the following features, which will be available today!

*Stream UI - There is a new redesign for the Stream and how to create Stream items.
*Reuse posts - Teachers now have the ability to reuse previous Stream posts (assignments and announcements) in their current classes.
*Move to top - Teachers will have the ability to move a Stream item to the top of their Stream.
*Due Date - New UI to set a Due Date and now teachers have the option to not have a due date.
*Short answer questions - Teachers now have the ability to ask an open-ended short answer question to their class. Additionally, teachers can customize the settings for each question to allow students to comment on each other’s responses

We’re also excited to announce two features that will be coming in the next few weeks!  Don’t worry about making a classroom calendar with assignments and due dates.  Google Classroom will soon have Google Calendar integration!  You can also add trips and days off to your calendar.  This will also allow students to see all their assignments on their own personal Google Calendar if they so choose.   Many teachers have been using Google Forms as an easy way to assign a test, quiz or survey to the class. Coming in the next few weeks, teachers and students will soon be able to attach Google Forms from Drive to posts and assignments, and get a link in Classroom to easily view the answers.

Please continue to send feedback to classroom!  The feedback button is now located in the bottom left hand corner of classroom.  We want to hear from you!

Just out of curiosity... Do the Google apps for regular accounts look/behave a bit differently from the GAFE when using Classroom? Ex hangouts? Or communities avail in g+ not necessarily avail in GAFE?

We are introducing GAFE and Google Classroom this year to our teachers. A colleague just told me that we cannot access all apps, resources, and lesson plans in Google Education store without using Chromebooks. In all my prep work for this I haven't come across this limitation. Any thoughts on this? We are cross at form for now: laptops, iPads, & windows desktops. Thanks! /suzanne

Even thoigh I didn't attend DENSI in person, I want to thank everyone for making us NOTatDENSI peeps feel a part of it. Your sharing is awesome - only matched by your DENlove! Thank you again!

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The Nipper Dogs of Moorestown NJ  - these sculptures are found all around downtown in tribute to the RCA dog, Nipper. Read about project :

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One of my fav projects - StoryJumper!
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