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Barry Kennedy
26 year old techie who really needs a cup of tea right now
26 year old techie who really needs a cup of tea right now

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Where do you see yourself in ten years
This is one of my least favorite interview questions. I get what they’re trying to ask me and for the most part its a fair question. The problem I have is that technology is changing so quickly, I have no idea what it is I’m going to be doing. At the weeken...

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Why I'm voting yes in the Presidential Age Referendum
Did you know there's a second referendum happening on Friday? The one that proposed to reduce the candidate age requirement for presidential elections from 35 to 21. I'm voting YES for the same reason I'm voting yes and here's why. As a 27 year old, I find ...

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Respect and the Referndum debate
This post is an editing version of something i posted on Facebook this evening. I've received a lot of positive feedback on the post and it generated some interesting discussions on the topic so i'll put it here. You might be wondering why I decided to post...

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Here we go again.... My Fitness Goals for 2015
So in 2014 I went from doing no fitness training to running two 5Ks NS six 10Ks, playing my first few games of tag rugby, completing a Summer Fitness Challenge and the 12 Days of Insanity, doing a beginners rock climbing course and taking part in a Marathon...

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On The Dry For January
So the other day I made a decision. It was an impulse decision. Within five minutes of first having the initial thought, i had signed up and posted it up on facebook to make sure others knew what I was doing (to make sure I kept my promise). The challenge -...

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Foreword to adventure
Hard to believe that in three nights time, I'll be sleeping in a hostel in Hungary. I've wanted to go to Budapest for the last two years since I read a fascinating article about the city in an inflight magazine while flying to Helsinki. I'm not sure why but...

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Expedition Charity
In just 4 weeks we set off on an
exciting expedition to climb the highest mountains in Africa and Europe. As a
group we are very privileged to have this opportunity and this is not lost on
us. Many who undertake such trips seek to use the opportunity of pur...

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another fitness update
One of these days I'm gonna write a post that isn't about fitness I promise. That said, an update is long overdue. My last post was the mungret 10k which was well over a month ago and a lot has happened. I've run two 10ks. At the end of May, I took part in ...

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Mungret St Pauls 10k
So after a productive 5k run on Thursday and an insane workout on Friday night, Saturday was well earned rest day ahead of Sunday's race - the Mungret/St Paul's 10km. On the morning of the race I was feeling a bit nervous that I wouldn't be able to reach my...
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