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2016 -
Parus enfin, les deux volumes du diptyque "Sacra, Parfums d'Isenne et d'Ailleurs" de +Léa Silhol, illustrés (dedans / dehors) par Dorian Machecourt

- -

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Parus en 2015, deux opus de +Léa Silhol

"Contes de la Tisseuse" suivi de "Voix de Fées" (édition de luxe, reliée, impression couleur, illustrations de +Dorian Machecourt )

Et le très attendu volume II du "Dit de Frontier" : "Possession Point"

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Le dernier né des romans de Léa Silhol, "Sous le Lierre", nominé au premier tout du V&S Award (prix public).

Pour voter, c'est par ici :

Et pour découvrir l'opus... : !

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Pour l'anniversaire de leurs 15 ans les "Contes de la Tisseuse", premier recueil de +Léa Silhol, reviennent en version grand format, sous une couverture de +Dorian Machecourt ...

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-----Australia and the Whales historic win!---

The Court finds that Japan's whaling programme in the Antarctic (JARPA II) is not in accordance with three provisions of the Schedule to the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling.

Court documents:

#ICJ #SeaShepherd #JAPAN via +Omar Todd 

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Victory for the Whales!

Sea Shepherd Australia welcomes this hard fought victory over this year's proposed Antarctic whaling.

We want to share the celebration with our supporters, who have helped us for more than a decade defending the whales of the Southern Ocean.

Therefore, until the 11th April, we are offering a *20% discount* on all Sea Shepherd Australia merchandise available through our e-store at

Please enter the code 'VICTORY' at the checkout.

#ICJ #SeaShepherd via +Omar Todd 

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Breaking News Japan’s Institute for Cetacean Research (ICR) Shames Themselves in Defiance of World Court Ruling

The ICR Today Filed Court Briefs Stating They Intend to Return to Antarctica to Hunt Whales in 2015-2016; Will Seek to Enjoin Other Sea Shepherd Entities from Obstructing Their Operations

#SeaShepherd #Japan #ICR #ICJ Please Read and Share !

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Western Australian Fisheries in league with Japanese Whale poachers

- Fisheries, Fish for the future, continue their assault on our healthy marine environment

- 2 large tiger sharks caught off Perth metro beaches, one released injured and one shot 3 times and dumped. 

Please read and share.

#NoWASharkCull #noSharkCull #SeaShepherd 

via +Omar Todd 

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Meilleur encore que les légos dans le magnétoscope....

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