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APRIL 4, 2016
DAY # 593;   85 th Week HOURS. 6.8   hours “A TURN FOR THE WORSE”.    I’d Love to say that last week was an
opportunity to tie our shoelaces and really do some great Workouts. It didn’t. DISTRACTED!    And my program really went poorly this
week.   I will d...

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MARCH28, 2016 DAY # 592;   84 th Week HOURS. 11.8 hours RATING (gain):   1446 (0)   “something Different”.    We have used our blog as an opportunity
to say (as I see it), things I have learned of chess, to express ideas that
inspire me, to focus on an impo...

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A couple weeks Back, I got a Bad flu! You know the kind of flu that sends you strait to bed for
hours at a time…. Anyways… I did quite playing chess for a few days- But I’ve been struggling to get better (bronchitis)- and it
all begs the Question: Should I ...

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MY SYSTEM of Chess improvement
My blog has been pretty quiet!   Apologies (sort of)   truth is… its not so easy to keep up at the
blog- and some winter illness has made my prioritize my efforts. I was reading among the ‘Advertising’ of GM Smirnov… While
his self- promotion (and High pric...

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I Am NOT Quitting chess!
Ok this might seem bizarre to some of you.   Nearly always lurking on, playing
16 correspondance games and part of two small but active groups… and
Yet a poorly worded email and the lack recently of Live had my coach
quite con...

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Knowing the Unknowable!
Shall I study Openings or Tactics?    What about Endgames and Annotated Grandmaster games… How long will it take me to get to 1500? 1800?   What about Gm??? What is the best response to 1.d4?   what about 1.e4??   should I even have a repertoire!? Ah Such f...

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An experiment with Groups...
A new experience and an Experiment.   As long time readers now I have always been a
wordy kind of guy.   I like sharing what I
am doing and reading what others have been doing.   I also like the idea of doing THAT,
preferably, with friends.    This is In

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I'm not Suppose to Excel at Chess
I’m 42- with kids- without tournament experiences and without any plans of
future tournament (Club) experiences. …. If I asked online, whether I could become Good At chess- at
my age- with my experiences… I might get a Few optimistic posts (mainly from

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Back to the Place I was Before
I can’t help feel like this week has been the end of a party…   the goal was set, the race was run, I burst through the finish line- in time. Victory! And now a calm, a break after night after night playing hardcore blitz… Its not that what I want to do nex...

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How I gained 193 Rating points of Blitz in 18 days!
(this will be both posted to the forum and My own blogspot blog.   Irregardless of its usefulness to others- it represented a huge effort from me- and I think I gained important insight not only to blitz but also to OTB chess.) First and foremost,...
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