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+Dave Guenther  there is a pic of you on facebook playing charoodles, its pretty awesome! Get Amber to show you!

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We must be doing something wrong...

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A 20 year-old had a couple of handguns (illegal). And, depending on the press report, had an assault weapon (illegal), automatic rifle (illegal), or machine gun (illegal). Shot his mom in the face (illegal). Stole his mom’s vehicle (illegal). Transported the gun in the vehicle (illegal) within 1,000 feet of a school (illegal). Carried it onto school property (illegal). Broke and entered (illegal). Carried a gun in a school (illegal). Discharged a firearm (illegal). Shot at people (illegal). Killed some people (illegal). Killed himself (not sure if illegal).

What is more gun rules gonna help?

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Google plus you have failed miserably! I come back after a week and nothing new.
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