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Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
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3667 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109
3667 S Las Vegas BlvdUSNVLas Vegas89109
Resort, Casino
Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino is unlike any other Las Vegas Resort on the Strip. Hip, modern, and dramatic, Planet Hollywood is the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino where everyone is a celebrity
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People talk about spice market buffet, earl of sandwich, bellagio fountains, valet service and high speed internet access
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Pat Karas
reviewed a month ago
Was the worst experience I have ever had staying at a hotel. The room had some issues that needed repair, (I had no drain stopper in my sink - I had to put towels in the sink so my contact lenses did not go down the drain and two of the three lamps in my room did not work, one next to the bed and the one on the desk). I called and requested a coffee pot and was told that there were none left for guests with my room rate. I was told I could call and try each day to see if one becomes available. I accidentally left my personal keys and jewelry locked in the safe in my room. It took one complete week and 10 - 12 phone calls to get someone to retrieve my items while I waited for the next guest to check out. It was impossible to get the name of a supervisor or manager, and totally impossible to get connected to one. I finally ended up calling a customer rep at Harrods (via a Google search for a corporate number) who attempted to help me, but I basically just kept ending up in voice mail hell with lost and found, who never returned my calls. It was an awful experience that I could not make up, and the indifference to my situation with every employee that I spoke with was astounding, even when I explained that they keys were needed to access my desk and files at work - to complete payroll for my employees among other tasks. There was an attempt by an employee named Rommell to help me out however he failed to make contact with the occupants of the room for permission to access the safe during the week nor did he call me when the occupants following me checked out and the hotel staff removed the contents of the safe. Extremely frustrating experience especially considering our company just had a convention at the hotel the previous weekend.
• • •
Vineet Singh's profile photo
Vineet Singh
reviewed 3 months ago
One of most strategically located hotels on the strip. Almost everything is at a walk able distance from this hotel which works in favor of the hotel. Our room was nice,spacious with a really nice theme. The front desk staff was helpful and attentive. Well there is Miracle Mile which consist of all the major brands selling the merchandise. One can spend almost a full day on the miracle mile. They have couple of good bars and restaurants inside. They also night clubs Koi and Chateau inside which are really club spots.
• • •
Craig Critchfield
reviewed 3 months ago
Booked "hip room" via Travelocity flight/room deal. The problem is that when you get to these places you don't have a definite room # waiting. So, we stood negotiating with the registrar for 5 minutes. We're a couple, and she basically said "you can get 2 queen beds, or you can get a king bed next to the elevator...which you don't want, b/c you'll hear the elevator rumbling up and down all night." We looked at each other, b/c both options sucked. I said "can I just pay a bit more for a better room?" and thought to myself (ah, they sucker you here with a package price, but get you to pay more b/c the options suck). She said "hang on, I'll take care of it." She feverishly pecked away at the keyboard. We thought she was doing us a solid, so I tipped her $20 for the help. We get to our room ... it's a king size next to the elevators! -.- Not amused. What idiot designs a hotel with rooms right next to the elevator so you hear them rumbling all night? Apparently the idiot that designed Planet Hollywood (which used to be the Aladdin I think). If they were smart they will bill these as the "rolling thunder" rooms with some ambient rain noise, b/c the elevators sounded like thunder all through-out the day and night. Turns out my gf and I actually didn't mind it; it was quite soothing. But I was still pretty miffed by girl saying she'd "take care of it" and then just dump us in the very room she said we didn't want. Aside from the view, another positive of the room was the peace and quiet. We never heard another couple around us. Maybe they were smart enough to get better rooms. Who knows. My gf was very loud during amorous, and no one ever complained. The bathroom was huge, the hot water was endless, the bed was comfortable (but got a bit hot at night, maybe due to a temperpedic overlay), and we had full control of the AC. The room was definitely a nice place to retreat to during and after the day, elevators not withstanding. On the plus side, the view was flipping amazing. 36th floor over-looking the Bellagio. We got some awesome pictures, and it was quite romantic. If anyone at PH was helpful it was Johnny the Concierge. This guy was on the ball and deserves a promotion and a raise. He helped us with anything we asked about. "Is there an all-day buffet pass?" "Sure thing, I'll set it up." "Can you help us print our plain tickets?" "Sure thing, I'll take care of everything." (cost $5 to do so, but he literally did all the leg work on the computer to take care of all of it. He was a very nice guy, and was a wonderful ambassador for PH. The buffet was pretty good, albeit a bit pricey for what we got. Ceasers owns like 6 hotels including PH. The all-day-buffet pass gives you access to all 6 hotel buffets. Some cost a tad extra due to what they serve, but overall the food at several of them was good. Prime rib and smoked salmon was very delicious, and the assortment of world foods was also pretty good. The berry salad was also really amazing. So simple, but this thing was a main-stay on my plate each time. The casino was pretty good. My gf and I aren't big gamblers, so we didn't spend too much time there. I played some blackjack, and the dealer was very helpful in teaching me. My gf played Pai Gao Poker (?), and the dealer was also very helpful. Some of the dealers look bored, but the ones we got seemed like they really loved their job. There's scantily-clad ladies dancing around the "Pleasure Pit" at night, so be warned (in case your gf gets miffed by you staring at other women). We really didn't do much else at PH other than sleep, gamble a bit and eat the buffet a couple of times. Overall I'd say it was ok. You get what you pay for I guess, and I guess we were treated well for what we paid. There were just a few annoyances along the way.
• • •
Dennis Monk
reviewed a month ago
As others reviewing before me, I wish I had better things to say about the Planet Hollywood Hotel. I will start with the good. First off it was very nice and clean. The valet service was top notch, some of the best I've come across in Las Vegas. Everyone I met (hotel staff), either in the casino, or at the buffet was extremely polite and courteous.The food at the buffet (we only ate there once for breakfast) was exceptional but way too pricey for me. The Station casinos have excellent food for one third of the price. Now the not so good: We paid extra money for a Bellagio Fountain view room. The room did have an exceptional view, or at least it would have been if the windows had not been caked in dirt. Once the sun hit a certain position in the sky, it was impossible to enjoy the view. I won't even go into the unsuccessful attempts at photography from our room's window because of this.I tried an unknown number of times to contact the maintenance department but could never get through to them. I did finally contact the front desk and was told bluntly, "Sir, we are in the desert." I was then told that window washing was only done every couple of months. Now, the turnip truck I fell from did leave me somewhat hazy on things, but I am well aware of the location and arid nature of Las Vegas. My question, which still remains unanswered was why they offer a nicer view at a premium rate but don't ensure the premium view. There were some very nice things about Planet Hollywood but we will never stay there again. Several years ago, we stayed at the Monte Carlo and were treated like royalty even though we were there staying in a basic room.
• • •
Michelle Mouser's profile photo
Michelle Mouser
reviewed 3 weeks ago
I visit Vegas quite regularly (2x a year). I always stay at Planet Hollywood. Our casino host (George) is awesome. The casino itself is very nice and clean. I have stayed at other casinos, but prefer Planet Hollywood over the others.
Jake Heckman
reviewed 5 months ago
If you google "Blake Dickinson CCMSI Planet Hollywood" you will find similar stories as to what happened to me described below. Bottom line, don't go to this hotel. If for some reason you end up here, ask the front desk for the biggest safe they have and place all of your valuable items in it. I had $1,800 worth of merchandise stolen from my room. This included my Ipad, Boise headphones, cologne, a watch, and my friends headphones. All of these items were stored away in our bags. I left my room for 2 hours, during which the maid had been in to clean. When I came back I noticed everything missing. Called the front desk and they said they would send security up to my room in 20 minutes. 2 hours went by and no one showed so I went to the front desk asking for a manager. When I spoke with the manager he said 90% of the time they reimbursed their guests for this type of incident. I ran into someone on our floor while getting on the elevator who claimed they had belongings stolen from them as well. I received a call from Blake Dickinson at CCMSI saying she was in charge of the investigation for Planet Hollywood. After not hearing back from her for a month (I called and left a voicemail once every week then decided to call the main office and got no answer) she finally called me back. She said they would not reimburse me. When I asked what her investigation included she said they asked the maid if she stole anything and the maid said "no". She also suggested that next time I place my belongings in the safe (which I already had belongings in the safe and nothing else would fit anyway even if I tried). Now there is nothing I can do to get my belongings back, so hopefully you find this helpful and you save yourself from losing your belongings like I did.
• • •