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David King
Writer, Gardener, Seed-saver, Guitar and Bass Player... Creative type....
Writer, Gardener, Seed-saver, Guitar and Bass Player... Creative type....
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Thoughts on California Native Plants Lecture 9 Notes
we begin to think about how to grow California native plants, let's think about why we might want to grow California native plants. The native
vegetation, through evolution, is adapted to this climate, these soil
types and interacts with other nativ...

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Meeting Today And Other Notes
Arnold, the gentleman at the California Rare Fruit Growers who did most of the demonstration work for us, has invited the class to his orchard in Malibu to see his grafted fruit and talk to us about his perspectives on grafting and budding trees.  You alrea...

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Because of winter weather, for the first time in over 10 years, we will have to rearrange the order of our class and plan on finishing grafting after the first of the month - I do not yet have a delivery date for the rootstock we need for grafting. Please n...

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Notes for this weekend:
On Saturday:   1.  Meet this AM at the Veteran's Memorial Building in Culver City (corner of Overland Blvd and Culver Blvd)  4117 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA 90230 - get there a little early because we don't know which room it is and there are something l...

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Canceling Class Today
Historically, I do not cancel classes.  Today, is different.  I have held off until now, thinking I'll be better, but I have to accept, not only is the weather abominable, I am sick with a devastating cold that will not let go of me. I am sorry for the inco...

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2017 Plant Propagation Checklist
for Plant Propagation Name
_______________ Term
__ Winter 2017__ _­_ This
paper must be turned in the last day of class to receive
course credit! Seeding Task Date Results Initial* Sow
small seeds (one six pack) Sow
medium seeds (one ...

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Welcome to Plant Propagation 20217! (Syllabus)
SYLLABUS Instructor:
David King Email: Phone:
310.722.3656 There
are no prerequisites for this course, although some knowledge of
basic botany is extremely helpful. We meet on Sundays from January
11 through March 29 for 10 m...

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Propagation Class 2017!
Happy Holidays to everyone - wishing you peace and joy in this holiday season whatever holiday you celebrate!  Teaching propagation a few years ago, that's a  scion in my mouth, not a cigar!   I was just online and noticed that the Plant Propagation class f...

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Plant propagation is one of the most fun courses I teach and you get free plants too! Whatta deal!

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Pear and Yam Soup (or Pear and Squash Soup)
I brought this up in class last week.  This is well worth the time invested - make the soup a day before so all you have to do is heat it on the day of consumption - the flavors meld better with that time. 1½
lbs. Yams (or sweet potatoes or acorn squash) ...
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