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... Lebbe geht weiter - auch bei Nerds ...
... Lebbe geht weiter - auch bei Nerds ...

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is there a way to scroll over the last character shown in the suggestion bar (depending on the size of the device and the horizontal/vertical position the number of available strings/characters and their position changes...) ?
Would be nice, if all strings in the setup list could be reached somehow.

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Wer die Freiheit aufgibt, um Sicherheit zu gewinnen, wird am Ende beides verlieren. Benjamin Franklin — Veljo (@allbesserwisser) October 7, 2013 Was Benjamin Franklin wirklich sagte und meinte    Posted from WordPress for Android

Is there a compilation anywhere, where is documented, what kind of
[ .... ] commands there are for DIY layouting, w/ some kind of syntax and what it does + some samples ?

e.g. for

the correct character names like [BS], [LEFTBRACKET]

[CO ... ]
[n,m [ ... ] ]
[4D: ...]
[MC: ... ]
syntax for color codes



I have the following problem:
In my DIY keyboard, when I use the diacritical character
(accent grave)
the combination à (or other ones possible, e.g. è) cannot be generated, because the characters
a or e or o or u or i
are always put AFTER the ` character and not put under it as wished.
Putting the letter under the accent works ok though with the ´ (accent aigue) or ˆ (accent circonflexe).

The diacritical key combination feature is activated ok in the options.

All ` combinations DID work in earlier versions of Multiling O keyboard !!

When I press the AltGr key, the characters à and è can be generated; this is the bypass I must use for generating those letters atm.

When the French keyboard is activated, there are the black keys (in the bottom right corner) with ˋ resp. ´ as upper and ‹ resp. › as lower function. Using THESE, the à or é combinations are generated ok, the single key ` (upper left corner) does NOT work this way there though.

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The Abyss of Hell 1480s by Sandro #Botticelli— Köhler Foundation (@carl_kohler) March 01, 2016 Thema aus Dantes Inferno … Der Teufel ist unten am Eingang … Die heißesten Orte der Hölle sind…

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The moon is seen next to the Messeturm (fair tower) #Frankfurt #Germany #documentary #photography — Ainur Arenova (@AinurArenova) January 27, 2016
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