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Letters show bin Laden worried about his legacy amidst Arab Spring and Muslims killing Muslims. His top goal was assassinating Obama.

United Kingdom shows limits of austerity budgeting as drop in GDP shows country slipping back into recession.

New York Times magazine asks whether we can train brain to get smarter. Isn't that what education does?

Romney says needs Hispanics to win presidential election. He should have thought of that before he trashed immigration policy. CO, NV, and NM are very competitive and have large Latino populations.

Heat wave hits DC and I am not just talking about those returning Secret Service guys.

China's GDP growth drops to 8.1% and everyone despairs. We will be lucky to get 3% this year.

As he goes to trial today over secret contributons, John Edwards is lucky other cases are in the headlines. Otherwise, the focus would be on him.

Obama's good luck continues as Limbaugh says GOP establishment won with Romney and George W. Bush re-emerges from shadows.

WPost survey shows 53% trust Obama to handle women's issues versus 34% who trust Romney. Voters also find Obama more likeable by 64 to 26%.

Senator Grassley calls Obama stupid for attacking Supreme Court over health care law. Obama is many things, but stupid is not one of them.
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