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Gustavo Campanelli
Computer Programmer, comic, manga. webcomic, science fiction and fantasy reader
Computer Programmer, comic, manga. webcomic, science fiction and fantasy reader
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With the new access for alpha clones, you can join Eve online now for free. If you use this link you'll get 250000 skill points to distribute as you like on your available skills. If you later on update your account status, I'll get a reward. So it's a great opportunity to test the game for free without time limits.

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If I didn't have it already in paper, I would take this opportunity to get Atomic robo PDF really cheap. As I already have it, I'll evaluate what to do, but the presence of the Mistborn games AND the original two Dresden Files signals that buying this is a very high possibility for me.

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I simply love when the kind of bad behavior of some people backfires so badly. it actually helps the harassed. I would love it even more if there was no harassment in the first place.

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I agree, but there's a time to learn and there's a time to relax as well. If you don't relax you burn out and that's no good at all.

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Yeah, I knew that, and I know the flack you get when Evil hat tries a little diversity inside the cast of a World of Adventure. So Dammed if you do, Dammed if you don't.

I'm happy to know that you think about it and try to improve it. Keep it up Evil Hat.

And BTW, I know there's even more diversity in Evil hat, because I know some of the artists nationalities.
Every so often, a criticism of Evil Hat's whiteness and commitment to diversity goes around the Internet.

A lot of those critiques are valid, and we've been working on it for a while.

But, I'm a little tired of one important detail getting missed.

I'm a mixed race Asian / Latino guy. It's pretty obvious by looking at me.

I am a person of color.

Read it again: I am a person of color.

Yes, I get passing privilege in some situations, in some crowds. But I am a person of color.

And I'm basically one of the chief reasons why Fate is what it is today. The whole damn opera has, at times, fallen on me.

If you fail to acknowledge that Evil Hat has had a person of color at the core of their RPG development since the beginning, you're committing erasure.

It doesn't invalidate any criticisms, and it doesn't mean there's not still a long way to go.

But seriously. Don't fucking erase me.


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I've been reading this and it's great. It adds a lot of meat for the game in the form of knacks (minimagic), delves into feline alchemy in a way I never expected, incorporating once more a feline feeling to it and delves more into schools of magic, magic combining schools and then black magic.

This is a must have for all that ever wanted to see diverse magic systems integrated into a fate game not as an add-on, more like an extension of it's core.

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New opportunity to win a Steam game

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I was right, the sweeden post bag contained a tightly packed box, inside, among juici bubbles I'll be eploding later on, sat several books. They arrived perfectly, though you posibbly can't tell because I'm really bad at taking photos. But I'm so happy right now I don't care at all about the image quality.

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I smell some fate books have arrived home. At work right now so I'll know for sure in some hours.

Post has attachment is already in the final hours phase. and only a tad over 1250 from unlocking a fate version.
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