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Zeph Snapp
Spanish SEO specializing in localization for Hispanic and Latin American customers.
Spanish SEO specializing in localization for Hispanic and Latin American customers.

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If you don´t sign up for my #UHF themed #LinkClub  presentation  about International Link Building, I´m going to club this baby seal:

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Love this...might have to print one up for myself!
A sign saying the following has hung above my desk for several years now. I wrote it as a reminder to myself to only focus on what matters. :) #SEO #entrepreneurship #lifelessons  

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My guest post on the Raven Tools Blog.  Thanks to +Courtney Seiter  for all her help!

"International SEOs face the same issues all SEOs do (proliferation of spam, low regard for SEO companies, etc.), except that we operate in markets where the number of websites is much smaller, and webmasters are even more suspicious of outreach efforts."

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Please check out my new post, if only to see a picture of a Link Building Sasquatch.  It's about the hiring process we go through when looking for new employees.

"Want the ball. When it's going down to the wire, you've got to want to be the one making the calls." +will critchlow on his AMA.

Really stoked for my friend +Mike Arnesen  who was just selected as a Community Speaker for #Mozcon.  
You are going to rock the house!

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+Ashley Tate from +SEOmoz at Lean Content Meetup SF on Mining for Gold with Lean Content. Introduction by +Arabella Santiago  from .

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Getting started with this awesome hangout #maximpact right now!
Join +John-Henry Scherck (with to chat about something very important a lot of people trying to avoid lately: link building without content. Hard-core link building, that is.

Questions you'd like to see asked? Leave a comment below.
I prefer event page but feel free to use #maximpact hashtag anywhere on Google+ and Twitter to interact with us before, during (live) and after the event.

Learn more about #maximpact series here:

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A great post with actionable items.  Rock on +Michelle Lowery !
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