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Eberron is a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, set in a period after a vast destructive war on the continent of Khorvaire.
Eberron is a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, set in a period after a vast destructive war on the continent of Khorvaire.

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Has anyone considered using the cards from +Keith Baker's new Phoenix Dawn Command for some sort of random play generation in an Eberron game?:

Has anyone a backer who has seen previews - or have you seen any of the demos? Do you think these some or all of these cards could be raided for this sort of thing?

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Welcome to a world of swashbuckling action and dark fantasy, a world ruled by great dynasties and tempered by war.

Eberron holds many wonders, from dragonmarks to warforges, deadly dungeons to elemental airships. As the shadows of evil and conspiracy threaten to envelop the land, heroes of prophecy come forth to save the day.

Collects Infestation 2: Dungeons & Dragons, 2012 Annual: Eberron, and Eberron: Eye of the Wolf.

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Double for +Doernbecher Children's Hospital! It's the last day before Extra Life, and I'll be writing about the artificer later. But RIGHT NOW my wife Jennifer Ellis has a special deal. If ten people donate $20 to my page before noon (Pacific Time) today, she will double that donation!

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Arlo is migrating his Eberron to FATE.
I'm moving my Eberron group from D&D 4e to FATE because I found that a) when there was a choice they would find a way around the fight, and b) D&D 4e is a tactical combat game with a skill list taped on to the side.
So now I am aiming for FATE Core, but because it is still the same setting, magic is key. I am looking for each magic to /feel/ different as they are played. What would you suggest as a magic system (or systems) that can create distinct feeling magics that will stay balanced with the one "mundane" in the group.

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A fellow Eberron fan, this time with FATE. Anybody else did this?
Hi all! We're trying out FATE in the Eberron campaign setting. Looking to keep it pretty vanilla (I have lots of GMing experience, but none with FATE.)

Suggestions, examples of play, hints and ideas welcome.

I'm planning on using the Toolkit to map Stormcalling onto something more like D&D spells. And I thought dragonmarks should be expressed as Aspects ... 

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Jürgen gets his dose of Eberron using GURPS these days, how do you get yours?
It's possible that our gaming group will switch to an Eberron game in the near future. However, we will likely be using GURPS for the rules, as that's our standard RPG system.

I've actually run a GURPS Eberron campaign about 10 years ago, but this will give me the opportunity to refine my conversion. I'd like your help with one aspect, however - the player character races of Eberron, and how they are perceived by "the public" of the Five Nations (and Breland in particular, since that will likely be the "home base" for the campaign.

In GURPS, unpopular minority groups will usually get the "Social Stigma" disadvantage to reflect their status. Therefore, I want to know: Into which of the following categories would you place the player character races of Eberron?

Minority Group: You are a member of a minority that the dominant culture around you regards as “barbarians” or “inferior.” You get -2 on all reaction rolls made by anyone except your own kind. In an area, profession, or situation where your minority is especially rare, you get +2 on reaction rolls made by your own kind. -10 points.
*Monster: You are a large carnivore, magical abomination, or other being that is hated or feared regardless of actual appearance or disposition. This gives you -3 on all reaction rolls, and you are liable to be hunted on sight. However, you get +3 to Intimidation rolls in situations where you have the upper hand (GM’s opinion). Examples: a bear or a vampire. -15 points.
Second-Class Citizen: You belong to a group that receives fewer rights and privileges than “full citizens.” This gives -1 on all reaction rolls except from others of your own kind. Examples: a woman in 19th-century America, or members of some religions. -5 points.
Subjugated: You are a member of a slave nation or race. Within the overlords’ culture, you have no rights, and suffer the negative effects of Second-Class Citizen and Valuable Property. If you manage to escape to freedom, you acquire the entire overlord nation or race as an Enemy. -20 points.
*Uneducated: You are from a class, race, or subculture that lacks a cultural repository of wisdom, eschews formal schooling, and takes a dim view of activities that do not relate directly to survival or procreation. You receive -1 to reactions from more sophisticated folk in any situation where your lack of schooling would be apparent, and you may not start with any “booklearned” skills (GM’s discretion; most IQ/Hard skills qualify). You may buy off this trait once you have lived in “civilized” parts for long enough (GM’s decision). -5 points.
Valuable Property: Your society regards you as somebody’s property rather than as a “legal person.” This takes the form of limited freedom or lack of intellectual respect more than as a reaction modifier. Examples: a woman in 18th-century America or 16th-century Japan. -10 points.

- A "-1 Reaction modifier" should be roughly interpreted as a "-2 to Charisma-based social skills" with people who buy into the prejudices.
- As GURPS is a point-buy system, it doesn't need to balance races against each other - more powerful races simply cost more points to play. Thus, player character races don't just include the "standard races" of D&D and Eberron, goblins, drow, etc. but potentially vampires, true werewolves, and even giants and the like (although only the weaker giants will be "cheap" enough to play).

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Eberron Remixed: System
Although in many ways, I'm doing my own thing apart from the directions D&D is going, lately I've been on  bit of a D&D kick, and am more sympathetic to D&Disms than I sometimes am.  For that reason, I've also been reviewing some older posts of mine, and I ...

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Ebberon Remixed: System part 2, Races
While I'm still feeling magnaminous towards D&D, I thought I'd continue with some D&D related topics, including my EBERRON REMIXED. In last post on the topic  I recommended specifically using Microlite--the Core + the Expert rules, or Microlite Purest Essen...

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Pathfinder in Eberron Week 24 pt 3/3
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