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I require assistance. I want to include a new "race" in my sci-fi space game. They are Humans which landed on a far off planet and weren't rediscovered until years later (yes there's more to this but it's not important for the question). Basically, these Humans, after they were rediscovered, only have a single appearance for each gender (every male basically looks the same and every female looks the same). If for some reason you look slightly different (different hair color, different shade of skin, different eye color etc.) you are typically ridiculed.

The issue I'm having is why they became this way. Genetic diversity and such helps Humans out a lot. For what reason would these Humans decide years ago that they should be genetically similar? They are also Empaths, which is how they tell each other apart.

Anyone got an answer for this?

I'm converting a Pathfinder setting (NeoExodus) to Savage Worlds and need some advice on Powers. I want to remove the Backlash and Brainburn from Magic and Psionics, as the magic in NeoExodus doesn't seem to be particularly dangerous (typical Vancian magic). Would removing these keep magic "balanced" or would I need to apply another Negative of some sort to the Arcane Backgrounds? I'm going to go through Zadmar's stuff later today but I would like to hear from the community.

Hello fellow gamers. I request assistance on some map building. I'm going to be doing a game that heavily involved the Walled City of Kowloon. I'm going to be taking tons of maps of apartments, hotels, and rundown buildings and using GIMP to crop them together. This is where I need help. If you can point me to maps of such things, free or paid, it would be greatly appreciated. The maps can be modern, for in my setting the Walled City is still standing. It's fine if the map has some outdoors sections, I'll just crop them out.

Thank you all in advance :D

Are a Dragons physical attacks considered Magical?

So my players want to build turrets to defend a location. Are there any rules anywhere that could help me with building such things?

Hello everyone, I have a serious question for you all. Multiple times in the past I have considered making a blog for my tabletop homebrew and other things. This way I had a good place to put my creations while also showing them to others. I myself love these kinds of blogs. It's always exciting to see what someone else is doing or what they though up. But at the same time I'm not sure if I'm just weird. Maybe others find the blogs to be not very useful at best, or annoying on their Google + feeds at worst. So I would like your opinions. Do you enjoy seeing Blogs about gaming and homebrew? Do you find them useful? Or do you consider them a waste of time?

Can someone explain to me what the Free Lands are? I'm looking for a location to plop down a new organization and I want it near the Xiticix. On their west it looks pretty much empty and on their east is the "Free Lands".

Hey, what page are the rules for using the weapons on Power Armor? I have a player who has a Flying Titan and he wanted to fire both of his Missile Launchers and I couldn't find the rules on how you do that. In the end I let him fire both launchers at -2 to shooting.

What is everyone's thoughts on using Adventure Cards with Savage Rifts. I'm not sure if they need anymore benefits, but at the same time they can be a fun addition.

Hey guys. Question that's been plaguing our group. Can the Kalians from The Last Parsec fire 4 times? Kalians have 4 arms for those who don't know the setting. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that even if you have more arms you can only get 2 attacks.
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