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Chris Halsall
An ICT Consultant in Barbados
An ICT Consultant in Barbados
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Might be a long-shot, but the potential upside is incredible!  Worth $100 or so.

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I'm very proud to announce the public release of the HIVGateway.

Please spread the word, and let's help erradicate this disease!

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Being the geek I am, I've created a site to help coordinate the efforts of Graphical Processor Units (GPUs) owners to help with the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS).

Please see

And if you have a GPU and aren't yet playing with us, please consider doing so....

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So, I just brought version 2.1 of the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) Visualisation Tool on-line.

This won't make much sense to most of you, but for those who participate in GIMPS it can be quite useful.

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Here's another video of humans doing amazing things... In this case it's two guys "free-climbing" to the top of a 1768 foot tower...

I used to climb towers myself. The highest I've ever free-climbed is 150 feet. Not much difference if you fell, but the higher you are the more time you have to think about maybe you should have taken that desk job....

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This is absolutely amazing!!! These guys are insane! And I so want to try this....

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No one can say I don't have a sense of humour....

This is me getting the "ultimate shit" down-down at a Barbados Hash House Harriers (BH3) run.

The rule is that if you don't drink your drink "in one", it gets poured over your head. Since the Religious Advisor (RA) had punished me with seven "Busta"'s (a very sweet Bajan beverage) I knew I could not drink it in all at once, so I'd might as well wear it it all...

For anyone who lives in Barbados, or is visiting, the BH3 is a very friendly group, and welcome all newcomers. (And, no, not everyone is subjected to this kind of thing during the "Down-Downs".)

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One of my very favourite artists is Laurie Anderson. She's just so eclectic and brilliant.

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So I received an e-mail today from Google.

"Welcome to Google Accounts. To activate your account and verify your email address, please click the following link:

[A very long and complicated URL.]

"If you've received this mail in error, it's likely that another user
entered your email address while trying to create an account for a different email address. If you don't click the verification link, the account won't be activated.

"If you didn't request this email, but you decide to use this account, or delete it, you'll first need to reset the account password by entering your email address at:

[Another even longer and more complicated URL.]

Strangely, no where was I give the option of communicating to Google that the request was fraudulent.

Oh, and just to be clear, the e-mail was sent by Google, and the above redacted URLS started with
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