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Absolute Care, LLC Home Health & Hospice Referral Service
Absolute Care‘s goal is to provide compassionate, high-quality home care for the clients.
Absolute Care‘s goal is to provide compassionate, high-quality home care for the clients.


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Benefits of Light Housekeeping
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Challenges You Face at Old Age

Some people feel jittery at the thought of aging, thinking of the possible challenges that come along with it. Although it may not be true for everybody, here are common challenges you may likely face at old age:

-Energy Decline
Old age can make you less energetic and less able to move your body freely and comfortably. Joints, bones, and muscles decline in their agility, and you may be spending more time than the usual for making just one movement.

-Immune System Decline
Old age can make you weaker over the attacks of illnesses. You can become more susceptible to pain and infections, and healthcare treatments become urgent needs for you.

-Memory Decline
Your brain is likely to function less and you start forgetting simple details and information. Forgetfulness is known to be a very common sign of aging. 

Do not fret when you reach old age though. With Absolute Care, life can only get sweeter as the years go by! Live your golden years to the full with the services we can offer you! To gain more information, check us out at You can also call 650-361-1211 for inquiries.
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The Challenges of Dealing with an Alzheimer’s Patient

- You need to be more simplistic with your speech.
- You need to remain calm when tantrums arise.
- You need to prepare for the pain of not being remembered.
- You need to be around more often with close assistance.

The challenges you face can become lighter when you seek help from a caregiver. Call 650-361-1211 now!

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Travel with a Caregiver

Do you feel more at ease seeing your senior travel with a caregiver? Ensure their safety with Absolute Care! Visit us at to see how we can help.  

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How to Retain Your Memory at Old Age

A lot of memory problems can be associated with aging. But you can grow older and still wear a sharp memory! Here are three basic things you need to work on in order to retain your memory even at old age:

-Keep Your Body Moving. suggests that aerobic exercises are done three times a week for 45 minutes each can already increase the functions of the brain. Increasing the frequency and intensity of your exercise can even display ripple effects.  

-Keep Your Body Well-Nourished.
Spend less on junks and let your food choices be more nutritious. Always give room for fruits and vegetables and start minimizing your intake of foods that can cause life-threatening illnesses.

-Keep Your Brain Ready to Learn.
Learning goes on for a lifetime, and you should challenge yourself to continue learning. It is said that acquiring new skills or gaining new information develops a person’s ability to focus and multitask. It sharpens cognitive functions and makes one less forgetful.

Maintain a sharp memory even as you age! And when the time comes for your memory to start giving up, keep in mind that Absolute Care will always be here to help you out.
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What Healthy and Balanced Meals Do for You

- They reduce your tendencies of being sick.
- They help you maintain a normal weight.
- They fill your body’s energy tank.
- They make you look younger.
- They improve the functions of your various organs.

Do you need a caregiver to help you with your meals? Raise your concern to us at 650-361-1211.

#MealPreparation #Caregiver
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When Your Senior Needs a Caregiver

Do you notice a gradual decline in your senior’s mobility? Are the basic activities for a daily living hardly performed alone? Is it no longer safe for them to face everyday activities without assistance? Find your loved one a trusted caregiver! Absolute Care is the right place to search. For more information, visit us at

#Caregiver #ElderCare
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3 No-No’s When a Loved One is at the End of Life

There are illnesses that draw people closer to the end of life. If you have a loved one who currently stands in this type of situation, strive to be the best supporter you can be.  Remember that there are things you better not be doing for the person’s sake, just like the following:

- Distancing Yourself
You might be doing this for the fear of hurting yourself too much when the person is gone because you two have become so attached. This may only feed you with eventual regrets. Rather, make the most of your time with the person and be there as much as you can.

- Pointing Fingers
This is not the time to blame anybody for your loved one’s condition. At some point in your life, you need to learn to accept the saddening reality and respond to it in a way beneficial for everyone.

- Prohibiting Care
Just because the person is at the end of life doesn’t mean you simply wait for the final breath without administering any care. Give your loved one a well-deserved level of care.

Absolute Care can help you by referring caregivers who administer hospice care. Call us today at 650-361-1211.
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 Daily Dose of Inspiration

“The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart.” – Nikolai Lenin

Whatever terminal illness you may be facing, never lose heart because Absolute Care is here to pamper you with love! Take confidence that we will walk with you through thick and thin, making sure that you get to enjoy life to the full.

#NeverLoseHeart #AbsoluteCare #TerminalIllness
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 We Give You What You Need

Absolute Care is proud to be a pioneer in caregiver referral services! This makes us worth your trust when you search for a caregiver. Let us find you the one who can give you optimal care! Call 650-361-1211 now!

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