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Jamie Crouthamel
Wordsmith, Designer, Photographer. Lover of literature & clean lines. Purveyor of the creative and spinner of tales.
Wordsmith, Designer, Photographer. Lover of literature & clean lines. Purveyor of the creative and spinner of tales.

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The reason I've been quiet on my social media networks these last few weeks.

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I've been reading so much about rape and survivors and perpetrators and statistics and, cat calling and etc, and etc, and etc, and etc... that I feel like I've glossed over the fact that it's a person. This is just sososososos beautiful. #women #stoprapeculture #slampoetry  

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Oh man +Sean Cowen, if I had the ability to do this? I'd let you and +Daniel Ely Rankin choose who would come along and I would bring my entire creative toolbox and just hope I could keep up and pitch in! I feel like we'd leave with a bazillion notebooks full of ideas!
The Luxury Retreat and Big Thinking

Here's the premise: you and five other people are gathered at a world-class luxury island retreat. Everything is first-class and paid for. The island has faster internet than any Google-wired city, and it is completely private. All tools you need are at your disposal. Your goal is to gather the coolest Google+ minds to develop a new non-profit Start-Up that has as it's mission statement one goal: helping other people by tackling crucial global issues in a macro-way by making massive awareness on Google+. Your group is welcome to stay for however long it takes. 

Your mission is to put these great minds together and brain-storm the best ideas for each issue the group decides to tackle. Your group is being funded by deep pockets and your budget is derived from your fundraising ideas, as well as from generous grants from Google.

WHICH G+'ers do you choose to have in this group (and why), and what big issues would you take on?

Keep in mind, you could be talking about scientists and historians, working Joe's and Jane's, artists and entertainers, brainiacs, longshoremen -- ANY person can be chosen for this prestigious group, as long as they grasp "big thinking" well. So - who will you include?

#bigthink   #brightminds   #startup   #deepthinking   #brainstorming   #helpingothers  


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Lost in ladyland. You know, sometimes it's just really hard being a girl. All these dumb societal things that one is expected to care (and more upsettingly worry) about, I'm just no good at it sometimes. I think I'll take a simpler route, thanks. 

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Scenes from the weekend, goodbye sweet sea breezes! 

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"Instead, get inside your technology and make the kinds of choices that only a human being can about how it fits into your life. And if it doesn’t grant you access to the settings you need to make it work for you, then dump it. Because otherwise, you’re working for it."

A fascinating article on the need for each of us to reign in our personal technology to suit our needs and if it doesn't allow us to do that, it's time for an upgrade. 

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I've been in love with "iPhoneography" for quite some time, especially right now as I'm between "real" cameras. Now that #vsco  has released their grid, I've been digging deeper into the app. I REALLY love it! If you're in the market for a fantastic app that does a little bit of everything and recreates beautiful old films.

#iphone   #iphoneography   #apps   #photography   #mobilephotography   #mobileapps  

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Happy Lunchtime All! Who doesn't love a good reading list? This one is just a liiiitle different, still beach ready but not your average sandy reads! 

How about you? Have you developed a summer reading list? Any recommendations on good reads? I'm always up for those! 

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FINALLY! So excited to introduce my new blog and rebrand! Come join me over at Ink & Folly!

For my first(ish) post, a nod to +Daniel Ely Rankin and a book he shared some time ago that I finally got around to reading. A discussion on how education has changed and the direction it's going. I'm excited to utilize tools like +Codeacademy and +Treehouse to push my learning into high gear! 

What do you think? Is this online education a viable way to break into a new industry? (I know I certainly hope so!) Do you think these tools are helpful? Useful? I know I LOVE working with them, is it just me? I'd love to hear what you think!

#coding   #learning   #codeacademy   #treehouse   #learning   #futureed   #education   #hackyoureducation  

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A fantastic example of a simple, functional and ultimately beautiful design for a need that every portable owner faces. 
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