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Angela Hevron
I'm a native Texan who is loves adventure, new places to travel to, and living life to the fullest
I'm a native Texan who is loves adventure, new places to travel to, and living life to the fullest

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I'm getting married!!!!
That's right! I'm getting married! I have waited a LONG LONG time to meet the man of my dreams. When I say a long time, I'm not exaggerating. But he was SO worth it! I feel so incredibly blessed. We got engaged about a month ago in San Francisco and am gett...

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Silent reading....making it work!
Some of my students struggle with reading. Looking around the room, looking at the back cover, looking at the front cover, looking around the room again, etc....sound familiar to any of your students? So we decided to create mini anchor charts on what readi...

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Using your Classroom to Inspire your Students
Three weeks have school have now gone by. And I FINALLY feel like I can breathe long enough to sit down and actually blog. WHOA. PLEASE tell me that I'm not the only one who feels like this! Here are some pics of my new classroom. I am teaching 5th grade se...

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That's so awesome!

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DIY Book Repair Toolkit
Do you have books that look like this? Books that are falling apart and need to go to the hospital? Then I have the answer for you! I am heading back into the classroom next year and am pretty much starting from scratch when it comes to my classroom library...

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Country research projects
Long time no see! As I hope you are doing, I'm busy enjoying my summer! I have been relaxed with the pups, gone to the aquarium, shopped with friends, binge watched How to Get Away with Murder (this show is addicting by the way), and gone to several concert...

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Inspiring your students
We as teachers have a huge impact in our students' lives. We teach them, we listen to them, we nurture them, and we inspire them. Our students often come to use unmotivated...unmotivated to do their homework, unmotivated to study for tests, unmotivated to d...

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End of Year Activities
The testing season is over. No more cramming for THE big test. Now what? It's the end of the year, and you've still got to teach the kiddos and keep them thinking, learning, and creating. I have put together this list of fun and engaging activities for the ...

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Fun reward system that students LOVE!
Revised post coming up! I have totally revised my Star Bucks due to copyright laws and wanted to share the new version with you! I think they turned out pretty darn cute! ******************************************************************************* I wi...

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I Have Who Has
One of my students' favorite game is I Have Who Has. They literally BEG me to play it. They beg again and again and again. And it's fine with me! Why do I love this game? It's so easy to implement.  It works in ANY subject.  It's a quick and easy review.  A...
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