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One step at a time.

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Delightful Dinner and DNA
The dinner with Arlington (VA) second cousin was
delightful at the Ristorante Murali (1201 S. Joyce Street).  Several hours were passed listening to family
stories from his perspective.  This second
cousin was born and raised in Chicago, IL unlike my LA sec...

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“Patience is a virtue.” 
Someone said that and it has a kernel of truth for those of us who are
impatient!  I left the story with the
note send to my second cousin along with a Y-DNA sample kit.  Well I waited some weeks for a response since
we had only met...

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Does anyone know of this person??

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The Ask for DNA Sample
Thank you for your warm hospitality Sunday.  It was great to meet you face to face!  It was fun getting to know you some and I
hope we will have many more meetings. I really appreciate your digging into your family photo
archives and pulling out so many pic...

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The Meeting
Sunday morning arrived and so did I!  A warm friendly greeting from my newly found
second cousin with a cup of coffee and a wonderful visit followed.  My expressed interest in seeing family
pictures was exceeded as he had pulled out of his photo collect num...

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Getting in Touch
Although the letter was unanswered by the time we left
for LA I packed for most possibilities taking numerous file folders with family
genealogy, a Family Tree DNA Y sample kit, an autosomal sample kit,
my Flip-pal scanner with extra recharged ...
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