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10 Hot Novels Under Belt
10 Hot Novels Under Belt

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At eighteen I was pronounced dead after a fatal auto accident. Fifteen minutes later in Sequoia Hospital my eyes popped open and I was alive. The yearlong recovery was worse than dying. At my current age of 72, still excited about living, I'm a body of acti...

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Playboy Magazine Model
Ben Campbell Twenty-four years young, a college graduate, I was suddenly unemployed. Business was slow and management had to layoff a few good workers. Using my new unemployment status, an agent for the unemployment agency said that I'd make a good clothing...

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Dubrovnik link Alexander Crown Trilogy, book 1 Available now from Amazon and Apple Store. Wrestling with an evil government. Dubrovnik's , enlightening  reasons for eliminating horrible bad guys. Dubrovnik , don't take it for granted. Take it for entertainm...

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Dubrovnik Exclusive
Link to Dubrovnik Exclusive: Dubrovnik is available in hardcover. First Edition Photographs throughout. In this behind-the-scenes chronicle, Special Forces Agents scheme to end a feud between two revered Croatian families, navigating problems to help end th...

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Regeneration - link Alexander Crown Trilogy, book 3 Available now from Amazon and Apple Store. DNA. Conspiracy. Murder. Regeneration is humanity's most deadly asset. Regeneration  is deadly, with an ultimatum. Regeneration - link

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Travels with Tom
Join Travels with Tom by liking Ben Campbell Novels on Facebook. We wanted to go to Moscow, we wanted to go to Beijing, but neither communist country would let us in. Instead, we went to Yugoslavia. Marshal Tito let us in. Fun and frolic, experience this or...

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Reggie Rocketship
Reggie Rocketship Available now at Amazon and Apple Store. Playful. Unforgettable. Reggie finds a handwritten unpublished Dr. Seuss story in the attic. Thieves hack his laptop, threaten his parents, and kidnap Reggie. The ten year young boy becomes a Cat in...

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Alexander Crown Trilogy
Alexander Crown Trilogy   Link... Warning: Profanity and explicit sex scenes. Dubrovnik , book 1 Hot men. Spicy women. Family feud. Dubrovnik, Croatia. Love Revenge. Alexander Crown's passion drives this dangerous triangle of love,
despicable murder and sea...

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Regeneration Exclusive
Regeneration link Exclusive: Regeneration  in hardcover. First Edition. Photographs throughout. From the global
medical community, geopolitical misfits, to military tradecraft, this
thrilling chronicle promotes DNA knowledge to promising edges of future med...

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Good Juju
It's not everyday you get to live the life of the main character in your novel. Fortunately I lived Alexander Crown's life in Dubrovnik . Crown was a mercenary, a killer. He was also a man for all seasons with women and children, but a killer of men and wom...
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