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Brian Croxall
Research, Teaching, Technology, Music, Board Games
Research, Teaching, Technology, Music, Board Games


Played my first game last night. It worked well, but this was my first time playing. I hadn't understood from the tutorial that 1) I was never going to get more money and 2) how the costing of cards worked. I think the tutorial could be improved to highlight those things.

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I think I'm more proud of this in a way than my dissertation.
My friend and colleague Brian Croxall and I are pleased to announce the launch of our Emory Center for Digital Scholarship project, Belfast Group Poetry|Networks. The project takes a data-centric approach to the 1960s writing workshop that involved Seamus Heaney, Michael Longley, and Paul Muldoon, among others. It features digital editions of the drafts of poems that were workshopped, network graphs based on data from the Group sheets and archival finding aids, and includes three peer-reviewed essays that examine the role of women in the Group, the differences between recollections of Group members and our data, and the limitations and benefits of the archival approach taken for this project. 

Take a look and let us know what you think.

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Hi all, I'm Brian, and I'm the Digital Humanities Strategist at Emory, where I'm also have a Lecturer appointment in the English Department and am also classified as a Librarian. No one knows what to do with me.

I've used digital pedagogy in every class I teach, and I'm beginning to prepare for my "Intro to DH" course that I will teach again in the Spring. I'm always interested in seeing the work that others have done so I can learn from that.

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Brian Croxall hung out with 8 people.Erin Templeton, zach whalen, Shannon Swanson, Jordan Nissensohn, Rafid Kasir, Leigh Ellis, Claudia Bullock, and Peter Marcinkowski

Here's a trick that G+ can learn from Wave: I should be able to finish a post or comment by hitting shift+enter.

Time for this new dog to learn a new trick.

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I suppose I should post this here as well as Twitter: my newest at ProfHacker is about a little somethin' called "Google+."
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