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You’re oh up the poll!
Politics is all swings and roundabouts. 3 weeks out from polling it seems the election is only
starting.   Initial polls suggested that
the European election in Ireland South was all over. It would be a slam dunk
job for FF, SF and FG as they would share ou...

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Tales from the canvas 2014
Doesn’t seem like 5 years since I first used this title to
get across the mood of a local election, but while times move on the local
elections are always about personalities and local issues.   It’s not about changing a government it’s
about how your commu...

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Shattered & Disgusted
May you live in interesting times is a Chinese proverb.   No more appropriate for the week here has
been, One TD sadly has passed away after a long illness long before her time,
another resigned suddenly as a result of personal failings.   And ticking away ...

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The Council is dead, long live the council!
So there’s just 80 days left to polling in the local
elections.   The legislation to abolish
local urban government is gone through the house, signed and by the President
and now law.   I don’t think that it will
be challenged, the legal advice to councillo...

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And So they're off!
Believe it or not there is slightly more than 100 days left
to polling in the local elections.   You
wouldn’t think it given the weather we have. Polling will be on Friday May 23 rd .
So at this stage you’d expect all the parties to have nominated and have ...

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Where your money went in 2013
At the start of each year I release details of my after tax
earnings from local authority membership. I’ve done this since 2007 and will
continue to do it in the public interest. I hope that it demystifies politics
and what is often perceived to be a gravy ...

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Actum non verba
Just when you think Irish politics can’t get more bizarre
this happens! The decision of the former Labour Chairperson ColmKeaveney to
join the party he’s attacked vehemently in the recent past, Fianna Fail, is one
of the most extraordinarily summersaults in...

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Just updated my blog.
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