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Romain Boissat

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Thanks to my friends, to my beliefs and most importantly to my previous experiences of love, hate, despair and happiness, I feel more confident and genuinely thrilled than ever. Fucking A, sir!

Life's a bitch, but I'll tame her, or at least I'll try to.
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Romain Boissat

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Best GNU/Linux distro so far for my needs: Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat 10.10 64 bits with a Linux 3.0.0 kernel patched with Apparmor fixes. I do not have a PPA repository yet, so packages available on demand ;)

On a Thinkpad X300, this bundle provides an exceptional computing experience with heavy workloads despite a rather slow CPU (ULV Core 2 Duo @ 1.2 GHz). And battery life has never been so great. I even wonder about not upgrading in April 2012...
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+David Anderson I had a bad experience using 11.04 with severe graphics glitches on intel X3100 GPU on the Ubuntu classical (no effects) session. And I do not consider xorgs-edgers a good solution. Anyways, I have a secondary hdd for testing purposes, I will give a shot to 11.10 and the next LTS, but not for production use before heavy testing (and I am actually rather tired of heavily testing my desktop OS).
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Romain Boissat

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Running Linux 3.0.0 on my Debian 6.0 home appliances. No issue so far despite all the FUD concerning version checking by scripts or whatever.

Compilation on Debian 6.0 was a bit tricky ( cd Documentation; ln -s virtual/lguest lguest; cd - ) but eventually ran fine using make-kpkg. I used config-3.0.0-rc6-686-pae from the current sid linux-image-686 package.

Beware realtek users: be sure to install firmware-realtek from sid (version 0.32) to get realtek network cards working.

EDIT: CONFIG_ACPI_PROCFS being deprecated and deactivated in Debian's kernel config, all software relying on /proc/acpi/* will fail, including Munin acpi plugin... I am currently patching it to use /sys/class/thermal/*

EDIT2: And here is the fix :
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Romain Boissat

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A new blog post concerning one regression and one bug with Ubuntu 12.04, both specific to IPv6. The regression concerns IPv6 privacy address management (or the lack thereof) while the bug concerns the routing table.

Both are just annoying as hell, but fortunately they can be corrected with some basic hacking :þ
Chrooted Blog, a Zwe website hosted on the personal server of Romain Boissat, aka deadr0m1, writing about his studies in the french computer engineering school UTBM, using Free and Open source softwar...
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Romain Boissat

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Humble Indie Bundle 3 \o/
Pay what you want for some awesome games and help support two charities. All of the games are DRM-free and support Mac, Windows, and Linux.
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Hammerfight o/
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Not antisocial, just shy.
Well, maybe I will write something about me someday. Or just my IPv6 prefix: 2001:470:c8be::/48
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I used IPv6 before it was cool.
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