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The Allume Schedule for 2014 is posted!

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Without a core message, our words float adrift on an endless sea of meaningless syllables.

As writers and bloggers, our words should have a destination. They need to lead somewhere.

This is why it’s so important for blog-writers to have a header and a tagline and an About page. A reader wants to know who we are and what we’re about and where we’re going.

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"Margin…that space between feeling like there is plenty of room to move around and being crammed against a wall.  The edge or border. It’s what keeps a book from feeling stressful when we read…the space between the end of one thought and the end of a page." via +Logan Wolfram  on Allume today.

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Have you checked out our speaker line up for 2014? We are so excited! #allume

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" Your success or failure depends on your ability to understand the platform and leverage its strengths."
Some great thoughts here from +Dan King  #allume
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