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最近想写一个 importer 把 transifex 的文档导入到 activedoc,发现 +Yunhe Guo 的 ML 帖子,整个文档翻译都不在了...

Anyway we could do to customize the pastebin provider of the quickshare qml widget? Like the old one in KDE4...

Hello, Can I set service provider for plasma quick share widget? Just like the old kde 4 behavior, eg I can paste codes to instead of the default I didn't find it anywhere.

There're always foreign powers who interfere domestic affairs of other countries on behalf of their own interests. Win, they exploit...Lose, they have nothing to lose. The risk is so rare. Come on, Chinese people! We finally have a chance to interfere domestic affairs of other countries as a "foreign" power, after 100 years! So come on! Let us export our common values to them! Tell them what's the "Great 3 representatives" and what's the "Chinese dream"! Hahaha why am I so mean...
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- "WTF! It's not Democracy! We should let people vote!"
- "(looking at the result) WTF! the f**king idiots! we shouldn't let them vote!"
- "Go to hell! PM!"
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A pretty old Empress, A son waited all his life to succeed to the throne, A Grand Secretary who fix here and there, An empire on its wane, A declining Navy, A group of foreign powers like wolves, A gang of insurgent parties that advocate division...this is not the Great Qing Dynasty, this is the Great Britain :-) 
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It's glad to see England detached from EU. Once some people from German told me we should let the people from Tibet decide their own fate. Finally I can speak the same thing. Eat it, Democracy! Actually I just care if the next Sherlock series will arrive on time. Will Benedict Cumberbath lose his job? If there's any problem, please do remember to refund from the Chinese Dragon...our “national husband" Sephirex Wong will certainly like to do that for us :-)
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any dev care to fix this?

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how to package a nodejs bundle package in openSUSE with the help of the new nodejs-packaging tool (second part)

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how to package nodejs bundle package for openSUSE with the help of the new nodejs-packaging tool (the first part)
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