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Ersi Marina Samara
mixed media artist focusing on painting, collage, artists' books and textile art
mixed media artist focusing on painting, collage, artists' books and textile art

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Such beauty and so necessary for life on this planet. We're killing it. Please help Save The Arctic.

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Website Color Schemes: The Palettes of 50 Visually Impactful Websites to Inspire You

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what's in a name...
The blinding August sun is not so bright for me today. Last evening I burried the sweet cat that died in my house from extensive internal injuries after (probably) being hit by a car. Everyone who donated to help save him has agreed that I keep the money fo...

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farewell, kitty
I have been trying to start this entry for about two hours now and it's required a great emotional effort. The injured cat died early this afternoon. Rest in peace, my sweet. You didn't deserve to die like that. I had to work at the Exhibition Hall this mor...

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injured cat - update
Donate button at the top of the right-hand column of this blog This is a rather short blog post to update you on the state of the street cat that I am nursing at home. I have received a few donations already and, though I thanked each generous contributor...

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injured cat, call for help
Hello everyone! This is an urgent call for help. Some of you may remember from previous posts that I look after a group of street cats that live near my home. Looking after them basically means that I feed them and deworm them when necessary. Sadly, I can't...

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adventures to come - in a journal form
I keep meaning to share some shots of my work-in-progress for the Personal Histories project and I also keep avoiding it. Something is not quite in place yet. I am not talking about the physical elements in the work but rather about the heaps of ideas and e...

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update on life
Hello dear friends. I haven't been
around here for a long time, I have missed volumes of your blog posts
and my work has also suffered the effects of my absence. Because this is
how I generally felt all this time, absent and somehow inconsistent.

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don't stop the presses!
Blogging on a Sunday again, I seem to be on a schedule but I'm not. It's just that Sunday afternoons are less busy for me lately. Are Sunday bloggers like Sunday drivers? Let me answer that: we are not! This is a rather unusual blog post for me. It came abo...
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