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OWS Anonymous Archive
The uncensorable archive of censored #ows content.
The uncensorable archive of censored #ows content.
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Apologies for the long silence. We have run into some performance issues that are preventing the setup from operating at anything more than about 50KB/sec due to the backing store on freenet. 8-( We are currently looking for an alternative backend as well as working on the freenet performance issues.

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Man. those egyptians know how to rebel. ;-P

Please try to stay safe guys. Ok?

Stage 1 begins!

The first tool on freenet that we will need is a mechanism to automatically notify peers that something has been inserted into freenet. So let me introduce FUNS (Freenet Upload Notification Service). In freenet you can only subscribe to USKs. (Updateable Keys).

The idea is relatively simple. I upload files. You want to know when I finish uploading a new file. You load up the FUNS plugin. You subscribe to my identity in the Web of Trust (WoT). I approve automatically based on your WoT trust value. I upload a file. On completion the FUNS plugin automatically sends you a message "Hey your bud JollyRodger just uploaded the key XXXXXXXX".

Notification heaven. :)

The 8 node darknet is running a bit better. Time to launch another 8 nodes and see how the bandwidth compares.

All nodes are VMs running on gig-e network and completely isolated from the freenet opennet.

Our initial test runs with 3 FreeNet nodes were very disappointing. We will attempt a few uploads with 6 nodes and see how the archive store speed is.

We may need to alter the code to relax the throttles a bit.

Welcome to the archive.

Our goal is to establish a new darknet through volunteers that will serve as an un-deletable repository of all content related to #ows that has been censored or is under threat of censorship.

Volunteering your server capacity is relatively simple. You will need to install a reverse proxy server such as Apache's mod_proxy, a copy of FreeNet, a few gigs of disk space, and a bit of bandwidth to dedicate to the project. The ideal candidate will also be able to operate a VPN link from an anonymizer service to further conceal their presence.

The stored content is not intended to be accessed by the general masses directly. Rather the content stored here will be used as master copies that can be searched. content that is presented to the end user will consist of an auto-redirection mechanism to a randomized target URL where the bulk of the downloads and viewings will occur.

Right now we are working on phase 1. Gathering resources to establish a 40 node darknet with at least 4TB of useable space and a couple dozen Mbps of bandwidth.
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