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that aqward moment when sumone u rrly dont no tells u theres a monkey butt on my finger?

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This is weird?!?!?!
You ARE the father :p

OML the UGA vs MICHIGAN ST. game is obe of the BEST football games EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at the lake... hope every1 has a good new years... its been good 2 c my lake friends mallory, megan, lindsey, and andrew... o and sally im so envious of u bein at the beach.... but we have better ppl and firewurks!!!!! ;)

had soooo much fun tonite wit katie, john and mckenzie!!!!! to bad none yall will eva se this caus yall dont have a G+ but i still luv u guys (no homo)!!!!

merry christmas to all and to all a good nite

Merry chrismas guys!!!! Hope every one has a good holiday and gets lotsa presents!!! :D ik i did!!!!!!!!

Dad: hohoho im santa
James: oh ya dad u are the right weight to be santa. Ya get bruned!!!!!!
FAIL THIS WAS SO FUNNY... i still luv ya dad!!!

does any1 else just wanna sleep??? my LA teacher is playin like the santa claus movie..... help!!!

y on earth did fulton county keep us in school so longgg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! abunch of my friends have been out since friday!!!!!!!
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