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Welland may hike fixed water costs
Campion: "We keep making minor adjustments to how we bill for water and sewer as
opposed to actually making a fundamental change as to how we actually
charge people,” he said. “Based on the fact that the region charges us
about 100% fixed costs for sewer...

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Human performance centre plans change significantly
“Council is ultimately responsible for this and we’d better fix it,”
Fortier said. “I’m really concerned about the human performance centre,
and I’m really concerned about the lack of transparency from the
technical committee.” Ward 2 Coun. Frank Campion...

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Welland water bills going up 11.17%
Ward 2 Coun. Frank Campion suggested cutting $150,000 from the budget
that was earmarked to develop a new bylaw that would require property
owners to remove storm drain connections to sanitary sewers -- something
he said could be dealt with through publi...

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New hospital talk ‘a terrible mistake’: Mayor
“I think it was a mistake to engage in the discussion of a new hospital
for south Niagara. I wish I had means or I’d taken the time to say don’t
do this,” Sharpe said during Tuesday’s health-care committee meeting. In June, Sharpe joined the mayors of Nia...

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Petition ready for signing
“We certainly need a lot of community involvement to make it work,” said committee chair Frank Campion. “We need the community to get involved and help us with this. We also
need the community to sign the petition. The petition is useless unless
we have a...

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Glimmer of Hope
Welland - WELLAND - Frank Campion said the Minister of Health and Long
Term Care never knew about the report prepared by a team of Welland
doctors two years ago. She does now. At a meeting last week, the Ward 2 city councillor and chair of the
city's hea...

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Council split on budget; City could have done a better job reducing spending, say councillors Ward 2 Coun. Frank Campion said the city can "definitely do better" than
a 6.99 per cent tax hike. He plans "to promote that" at tonight's
meeting. He, too, said...

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Gearing up for provincial election in Niagara
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