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These problems don't sound much, yet they were really irritating. Kind of like that zit at the back of your head— you don't notice it usually, but it hurts when you touch it
Ok sorry, bad analogy but this update's great all the same
WhatsApp Nougat users, the time has come, the day is here — well, it was here a couple of days ago, but it was the weekend and I was busy sweepi... by Rita El Khoury in Applications, News, Nougat 7.0/7.1
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Icons KAIP +221 Pixels
Widgets KWGT by me
Wall by Samsung via +James S.K
Screener by +Toastcode​
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+The Clashster​​ NAZG III is amazing. Purchased today
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It requests only a part of the image and then restores it via RAISR. The best part is this saves data since Google+ won't fetch the whole image now.
Google's RAISR technology uses machine learning to produce quality versions of low-resolution images on your mobile device.
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There was this nifty and really useful QS tile tucked away in CM13 called Caffeine that made your device stay awake for a specified period of time that hasn't made it to CM14 yet. In case you used to use it or want to check it out in Nougat, you could use this app that does exactly the same. I use this to keep my phone awake while I complete schoolwork from images that a friend sent me on my phone😂

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That's a cool app,you could play games on a computer and then look on you're phone for cheat codes. And you could do for even more.
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Packing the secondary screen somewhat similar to the LG V20 and it features a glass front and and back somewhat reminiscent of the Pixel instead of the metal unibody that HTC had introduced in their previous devices.
Really original?
So long, aluminum unibody. 
HTC has been lagging behind its competitors for years, despite some fantastic hardware and critical acclaim. So for 2017 the company is going in a complete... by Michael Crider in HTC, News, U Play, U Ultra
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+The Clashster its ok buddy
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4:28 am.
No words can do it justice.

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Straight up from the A5 2017 edition🔥
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 wallpapers -

Phew, yes, another upgrade to the previous ones that released a week ago with the name "A5 2016 version".
But hey, they make good walls tho!

Credit -

You can even download em from the zip provided here on DroidViews website -

Direct link -!ww1ljSBZ!0l-P1jwxdE-T6BOOaPIMKiPpDnh5lfZUGdjsD6AEX98

Okay, enjoy,
I guess! 🙂👍
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Cool wallpapers man! Downloading! 😃
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All you could ask for🙂

Get it here [On sale at $0.99]:

That's right, a new KAIP update has dropped, here's what's new:

• Over 50 new icons (making for over 1800 themed apps)
• Removed Christmas Wallpapers
• Activity fixes for MIUI icons (Reported by +Victor Grimaldo)

Also, we crossed 2000 installs on the Play Store, so how about a giveaway?

We'll be giving away 10 codes for KAIP, all you have to do is give a reshare and a +1 to this post between today and Sunday and you are in.
The winners will be announced Monday morning on this page so be sure to follow too.

If you want to support 221 Pixels on Patreon and help us achieve some goals, here's the link:
Any donation helps us and makes our robot really happy, also, you'll get rewarded!

Official update GIF:

That's it: An update, a sale, a giveaway and maybe, just maybe... support us.

Thanks a lot to our current Patrons and all our users.
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Not bad!
10 Promo codes Giveaway!!

For Ango Icon Pack By +Max Patchs​.

How To Enter the Giveaway 👇🏻

🔹Join Ango community :
🔹 1+ this post .
🔹 Comment on this post.
🔹 Reshare this post (Not to Ango community)

10 winners will randomly be chosen on 20/01/2017, Friday.

Enjoy Ango icon pack.

Peace! ✌🏻
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India's response to Superman😂
This show had a cult following though.
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Okey I don't get this. 
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For teh codes
Push-Ups will be public in 5 hours. Win a lifetime coupon code

Simply follow 3 steps to get the chance to win a code.
• +1 this post
• share this post
• follow me

20 lifetime codes will be given away. Depending on the reaction, It could be more.



5 training plans
Cluster, Paused Repetitions, Systematic Progression, DUP and Isometric Training.

Training plan
• Custom break time for each training plan, deactivate break time
• Start easily from scratch with more weight or another Push-Ups variant
• Adjust your training plan to your physical level. Adjust every plan at any time. When you had a longer break, simply adjust it again for the best results
• Get notified for every new workout in every training plan at a custom time

• You can take a break while having a workout and continue it anytime within the day
• Your progress will always be saved to your personal statistics

Push-Ups recognition & triggering
• Push-ups will be automatically recognized within a distance of around 2–5 cm from the front of your device You can put a book below your device for easier recognizing
• Click on the screen. You can either use your head or nose to trigger it, or click through a set manual

• Calendar View: View your push-ups activity days. By clicking at a activity day, you will receive day specific statistics.
• Monthly chart displays sessions per day, the repetitions and a average tendency per week
• Get interesting information and tendencies per day, month, year and in total

• The training plans were created by Patrick Neukirch. He’s a German sports scientist, certified personal trainer, coach and functional nutrition coach.

Pushing views
• Beautiful minimalist and flexible design
• Displays the overall amount of push-ups
• Displays the amount of remaining push-ups
• Displays the needed time
• Skip break through a long click

• Establish a new record regularly
• Record statistics

Record additional push-ups
• Simply record additional Push-Ups to your personal statistics

Push-ups feedback
• You can get vibrational and, or acoustic feedback for a completed push-up
• Custom vibration duration
• Change sound effect

Google Fit support
• Your sessions can be automatically saved to your Google Fit account. As with regular activities, your sessions will be displayed in Google Fit with the duration, the amount of done push-ups and the type of the activity (Workout, Record, Additional Push-Ups)

• Avoid common mistakes by reading the recommendations about everything related to push-ups.

Push-up variations
• Overview of Push-Ups Variations
• Every variation is explained with a short description, via YouTube videos and images

Motivational quotes
• Get a new motivational quote at every start of the app or view all quotes
• New quotes will be added regularly

• All data is always up to date on all of your devices in real time

It’s yours
• Change the main app color. Select from 150+ predefined colors or make a custom color
• Change the background color

Other features
• Android Multi Window
• Android Dynamic Shortcuts

And even more functionality will come with time.


Thanks to +Sasi Kanth +Lukas Funk +Oliver Nitzschke +Anjo Cerdeña +Vukašin Anđelković and all the beta testers!
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No body cares.
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