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mass tells space how to curve and curve tells mass how to move

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A Call to All Who are Young and Young at Heart …
Come, Be a Part of the Change We All Desire!

Lok Raj Sangathan (LRS) presents “Parivartan: Youth for Change”, an initiative of the youth, an invitation to all the young hearts and minds of our country bent towards building a new, just and sustainable society.

Dear Friends,

Are you happy with the state of things in our country? Is our country a Lokshahi (democracy)? Or is it a cruel Jokeshahi?

Yes, we are voters; but are we the rulers? Do our votes even matter?

If we the people were given a chance to run our country, don’t you think we would have done much better?

We definitely do, and we are working for it, each in our own way; contributing what we can, in whatever way we can. That is why we are a part of Lok Raj Sangathan. (LRS)

LRS presents “Parivartan: Youth for Change” – to introduce you to what we are attempting to do.

Do join us. Dare to dream big! Dare to take up challenges collectively!

Date & Time : Sun, 15th Apr 2012,
3.00 pm

Venue : V.G.Vaze College. Room no. 310,
Mulund (E), mumbai -081.

For further information on LRS and its activities:

Contact: Prathamesh: 7208778708; Hrishikesh: 9819412998

i just dont know when to give up......
-naruto uzumaki.
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