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I recently returned from a seminar in Indiana on Human Trafficking, specifically, the commercial human sex trade. Domestic sex trafficking is a common occurrence in big cities especially where the young men and women have run away from home and live on the street. There are two types of commercial sex trafficking: international and domestic. In my book, available at Amazon .com "Judging Me" contains a chapter titled "The Motels Along the Way. " The book describes the domestic sex trafficking that I was subjected to. Twelve Men at a time looking  to meet their own sexual perversions on the body of a six year old. This symposium was to educate the public, law enforcement, public defenders, school counselors, doctors and other professionals who would in fact be considered the first respondents. As the Key Note speaker I conveyed that the cartels alone made 9 billion dollars last year. It is a very lucrative business. When you think about it - an AK 47, an once of cocaine, or a body part (all the inventory for cartels), the girls can be turned twenty to thirty times a day! This could be your son or daughter. It is a horrible experience, something we, as parents and child advocates, can do something about. Please spread the word and if your child is going through that rebellious stage - embrace them, show them there are other options, and as I always told my children" "Work with me Here!"

Best Wishes To All!

Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock

A Blanket Letter
There are many good people in the world silently making their corner of the world an extraordinary place. They are  the everyday heroes that  do good deeds unknown to all but a precious few. I wish I knew them all. I would like to thank them personally.

My people are the disillusioned, dispossessed, and disenfranchised. I will not tolerate those who abuse, use and objectify them. I am a well-honed warrior with a unique skill set that they need. It is nice to be needed. To feel that at the end of the day you have given all you have to make a difference, even if invariably it is only a dent against a rising tide. I can live with this - I couldn't live with knowing I never tired to make a difference. I hope we all feel the same about this.

Best Wishes!

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