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Blake Smith
Internet Consultant and SEO. My services engage your customers online. Invest in your web presence and make it count.
Internet Consultant and SEO. My services engage your customers online. Invest in your web presence and make it count.

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Small business owners: don't waste your money on "traffic" or "rankings" - invest in content and build an online empire.

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40 Million calls on average made monthly to business directly from their +Google Ads

Join the millions of businesses advertising on Google and direct high quality traffic directly to your website. Find a certified +Google Partners agency to manage your account at:

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Social Media Advertising with $500

Learn how far your dollar gets you in Social media advertising - a medium which can be extremely effective if money is spent wisely.

$500 on #Facebook goes a long way. Each like will cost approx. 20c to 40c - much cheaper than more traditional advertising.

Twitter is great for engagement. Similar to cost per click, #Twitter charges per engagement. A click, reply, follow or favourite costs between $0.50 and $3.

#LinkedIn has a minimum budget model, starting at $10 per day. CPC starts at approx. $2 and CPM (cost per thousand impressions) starts at $2 as well.

$500 is definitely a good starting point in really enhancing your social media presence. Social media is not always a direct sales realm, but utilising #socialmediaadvertising can turn it into a revenue raiser, with great ROI.

#SocialMedia is the best channel build brand equity and amass ambassadors for your brand. $500 is a small investment to make when considering the potential ROI of having an army of online ambassadors backing your business.

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Who knew about this neat little #Adwords targeting option? Imagine the possibilities of targeting your ads based on household income! Obviously it's not a full proof system but it could be a viable option for many industries and verticals.

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Adwords Demographics Targeting by Income Levels in 2014

Did you know that AdWords has the ability to target based on household Income demographics?  Segment your campaigns with Adwords demographics targeting in 5 simple steps and send higher quality traffic into your conversion channels. Increase ROI with a demographically segmented Adwords campaign.

#Adwords   #PPC   #demographicdata   #GoogleAdwords  

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Facebook has released its results for the fourth quarter of 2014 with $2.59 billion in revenue and earnings of 31 cents a share. 

I wonder how #Twitter will stack up against #Facebook over the coming years in monetizing their platform.

Your thoughts?

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Cool little product here! A great idea when you're away form the house for extended periods of time. I'm sure a lot of TV's gathered a LOT of dust over Christmas! #tvcovers  
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