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We plan to add custom reminder times for the next major release. As you might know, Google Tasks doesn't support reminders at all, so it wouldn't be possible to sync your reminders across your devices. However, one could store the reminder times in a human readable format in the notes. As a result, you would see something like: "Reminder: 19:00" in your notes (only in the online version of Google Tasks), but your alarms would fire up at the same time on all devices. Tell us what you think about this approach. Would it be annoying that your notes are cluttered with alarm times? Or do you don't care about the notes and rather want to keep them in sync between your devices?
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I would prefer syncing. Reminder: 19:00 is not much disturbing.
I would prefer syncing. My reminder is to put the Tasks app on my home screen so every time I unlock my phone I am reminded to check my task. Works for me.
Maybe it is possible to add an option whether one want to sync the reminder or not. I guess the "Reminder: 19:00" phrase is added at the end of each note, so it does not matte when there is already a note?
Yes that would be the idea (adding at the end). The problem with making it a setting is that it gets really nasty when the user wants to switch it. :-/
If it is possible, you can syncronize the tasks to google docs or other cloud services like dropbox. Than you can built more features into the app. The most users don't use google tasks on the website, they use it on mobile devices and need the sync only for backup.
please dont break in any way synchronization becouse it work awsome now!if i add task in web it sync to phone in some minutes! awsome!
in mi opition: if you set task with date only - online sync to gtask / if you set task with time also - sync to gtask what is date, but ring time let it phone only...
+1 to sync in the notes field. This way, we could add the reminders even from the web.
It would be better to have simple setup of reminders within the app, instead of sync with web version, because reminders are not supported anyway.
+Viktor Uvarov That's true but we have a lot of users with multiple devices, so that's the rationale behind the sync - of course, only our app can do something with these notes.
+Adrian Roos Would it really be that complicated? I am not an expert, but an algorithm that searches for the last ... characters at the end of each task and deletes them would solve it in my opinion.
I think reminders should be device specific, if I set a reminder in my phone I don't want it to be synced to all other devices. But I understand this can be usefull for many users, so please, leave that as an optional feature.
+Jorim Jaggi If the first feature (simple handling) does not exclude the second (syncing between devices), then go for it.
But it would be a pain to set, snooze, postpone reminders via editing notes.
+Viktor Uvarov You would set the reminders as usual, the time in the notes is set automatically for syncing with Google Tasks and would be only shown there.
+1 for the sync feature of the reminder in the note.
This way will us be able to change the time of the reminder from the web app?
+Mauro Solcia Of course :-) But you have to be careful in order you don't mess it up.
+Viktor Uvarov As Claudius said, you don't have to edit your reminder notes manually - they are just used to sync between your devices and the only negative effect is that they will show up in the online version of Google Tasks (but that also might be a positive effect since you can change the reminder time in the online version as Mauro mentioned).
Is it really that necessary to sync reminders? I think people with more than one device are the minority. For those who just care about having reminders on their phone, syncing them wouldnt really be any benefit and would only clutter the notes. Its not like the reminders would be any useful in the normal Google Tasks web app. My vote is to just leave the reminders device-specific. It is the simplest approach that doesn't clutter the data stored by the normal Google Tasks sync. At the very least, start without putting it in the notes and see what the demand is for it then. It may make a better optional feature later anyway. Either way, excited to see the update!
Of course device-specific remiders should stay. Just in case no time is set in the tasks. But the time should be set in hh:mm.
Generally I don't like features which aren't support by the web version, but adding a task-specific time at the end of the notes wouldn't really harm.

+Wojciech Tytko In my opinion using Docs or Dropbox is really a very bad idea. This is an app for Google Tasks. Not less and not more. And it is really great. If you don't use Google Tasks and/or need much more functionality you are wrong here.
I just use google calendar for reminders that need specific times. I feel that adding this to tasks duplicates functionality that already exists in the google eco system.
If you are asking for priority of functionality I would prefer a more robust widget that allows me to see what is due today, this week, etc.
This is okay (and a really impressive solution) as long as it isn't an inconvenience for those who don't use the functionality, or even those tasks which don't use the functionality.
That means don't create a note if there is no note and no reminder. Don't muck up the notes that are already there (and always add the reminder note at the end).

Don't make any options, just make it so if you don't use it, you'll never know it's there!
Sync is a must - I'm not a programmer but how do other apps (like gTasks or Task N Todos) approach this topic? I used both of them on different devices and reminders are synced all across them...still I'm wondering why Google does not include reminders in their Tasks. It's a shame :-(
To be honest I really don't understand why people want to use Tasks app to store things that should be stored in Calendar. It's obvious for me, when I create shopping list it usually doesn't have due date, when I create task like 'finish project' it usually has due time for exact day, not for exact hour. But when I want to for example go for a meeting with someone at specific hour then I just create calendar event. IMO reminders for exact time in tasks lists are pointless, so I hope that if you guys add this feature Tasks won't become inconvenient app to use for people who don't need this feature :-)
Got your point, but reminders at specific times can be very useful without having the character of an appointment (which should be stored in the calendar). Tricky thing, indeed.
This approarch is fine, then we can create reminder in the google tasks (in the online version of Google Tasks) also. Application will interpret it as reminder.
Mmh the idea is interesting. I guess I'd add the String at the end of the note, so it wouldn't clutter other notes that I could've possibly wrote myself.
Also, why instead of integrating reminders into the app, don't you just create a single entry in google calendar with a reminder set to that particulare time??
I think that reminders actually should be device specific. When I set up the reminder on my phone, I don't expect my tablet to ring when the time is right. Imagine having two or more devices reminding you to do one thing at the same time, guess it could be quite annoying to dismiss all notifications on all those machines.

However, I understand that someone might actually like syncing stuff across all gadgets (even if it is just because of the great feeling to have everything synced). Implementing this feature by messing Notes with "Reminder: 00:00" string is no big deal (who uses those notes anyway?) and it is actually the only way to make it work properly on all devices. The only problem is possible future localization, but since the app is in English, I guess there is no need to translate the reminder string.

Some people here suggested that one should create specific events in Google Calendar or even that Tasks should sync directly with Calendar and create those reminder events automatically. I strongly disagree with this approach, I haven't got any logical arguments against it, I just think it's nonsense :-)

Anyway, Tasks rocks! Keep up the good work.
Hm. I would love to see an option to sync reminders or not.
Anyway, if I turn it off from one device, will the others also be quiet then? That would be a must.
You could try to use a new list to sync those reminders, maybe.
Also you could ask google if they will support reminders in the future. ;)
I like the idea of reminders, but I am not a fan of using fields for dual purposes. I use appointments for reminders, not tasks. Maybe generating a related appointment would be a more complete solution.
Until now, I used events in the calendar to get reminders for tasks, but It's confusing: my tasks are not in the same place, and the calendar is for things that happens, not for things to do (for me, at least). So I miss reminders in tasks.
Sync Times in readable format. So we can edit times online via webbrowser.
It isn't relevant to see that on my Gmail. Google Tasks is somewhat left behind by Google. So I only use it on my device!
"As a result, you would see something like: "Reminder: 19:00" in your notes (only in the online version of Google Tasks), but your alarms would fire up at the same time on all devices. "

This is the best solution. Please add the functionality of reminders. Thank you.
definitely need sync and reminders...don't care if it is cluttered. I also have to use 3rd party apps that sync with gtasks instead. Thanks.
I love this Google Task app, the best one on the market.
Your competitor "Gtask" synchronize recurring tasks and scheduled alerts to all devices via google task, so there must be a way to do this even if Google does not support it in the web version. I want replicated recurring tasks and scheduled alerts to all devices, but you can make it a choice
I have multiple IT clients that I like to keep tasks for in separate lists for practical reasons. For me, the ability to view ALL my tasks for all of my clients together, and then prioritize together, but still maintain in the separate lists would far outweigh the value of the reminder. Right now, I keep them all in one list, just so I can see them together.
+Steinar Hauge The use their own servers for this stuff, and believe me, there is simply no clean way to do this with Google Tasks.
Thanks everyone for expressing his opinion! We implemented custom reminder times in the last update; however, we didn't find a robust solution yet to synchronize it over Google Tasks across your devices. This decision is not final - we might add it in the future if we find a clean way to do it.
+Jorim Jaggi so that's the trick they'r doing - using their own servers! I was wondering how they manage to do this :-)
Thank you for update. Please add an option to display reminder times in list view. (And sort them)
Dear Google, you are a MultiBillion £ company! Sort it out!
All your organisational applications are lacking, tasks have no reminders, you can't view all your Task lists at once, syncing across devices is inconsistent, you can't even sync more than one calendar with outlook, a program most people use.
These complaints are just the tip of the iceberg; there a posts from 100's of people with simple requests dating back more than 3 years! How long does it take to act?
I use to think Google could take over the market, with a user friendly, adaptable and affordable OS that could sync seamlessly across pc, phone & tablet. I love Google & Android but unless you start competing with Apple I will be forced to convert. Even Microsoft are ahead of you!
please sort this out! I have gtasks on my android and ipad mini, both of which allow me to add times and reminders. It's a bit embarrassing that googles own browser doesn't support this fundamental feature of a usable task manager! If I don't want reminders to clutter my notes with alarms then I won't set one! But when there's something important I don't want to forget, of course I don't mind if it chimes on all my devices, that's the idea of an alarm!! 
Please stop procrastinating and sort out this fundamental part of your currently inadequate task management system. I am a massive google fan and  a Chrome convert but I'm starting to loose patience and as the blooger above mentioned, I'm looking at alternatives to the google platform because you refuse to sort this simple problem out!! Please don't let us down Google!
Also, please add ability to show All task in one long list (in date order).
Please do NOT sort out custom reminders. If somebody does not want to use it, he can decide it fir himself.
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