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Widget improvements

We made the widget more customizable: Sort by due date, choose theme independent of the app, the possibility to show all task lists in the widget and also an option to hide completed tasks.

Along with version v1.2.4 we added a 4x4 widget for Froyo & Gingerbread, adjusted the widget for tablets and the LED will now blink when a task is due (you can also change the color in the settings).

Additionally, the usual bug fixes should improve the stability of the app.
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Great update! I have a small improvement suggestion for a future update: Display the day of the week next to the date int the Due Date Field, similar to the calendar app in ICS. Example: "Sat, Apr 7, 2012".
Great app and great updates, it keeps getting better! Just a quick question. Is there any way to batch delete items from "completed tasks"?
I like the improved widget on the tablet, I just wish I could get the same widget on my phone.
Nice update, thanks a lot for the new changes in widget!
You read my mind guys. You featured 2 of my favorite options for the widget! Best task manager available!
Very nice! Great work guys!
Why not add a "widget settings" in the app options, so we can change and customize the widget even after it's been added to the screen??
Great, but seriously we need tasks to work with more universal solutions, it need to be able to put/edit tasks directly in the calendar
Could you please make the widget resizable? Or include the 4x4 widget also for ICS? I have SGS2 with TouchWiz and I could use a big widget :)
+Umberto Sonnino Well you can have multiple widgets with different configurations (yes, some people want that ;-)), so this is not really an option.
+Karel Klíma The widget should be resizable on ICS? That's the reason why we only have 1 widget on ICS and about 5 on Froyo/Gingerbread. I heard from some users that resizable widgets (like Gmail, Tasks, Google Reader) are not really resizable on the Touchwiz launcher. Is that true? Hopefully that's not by design from Samsung :S
+Jorim Jaggi I did some research and it looks like it is really a problem of TouchWiz itself, no support for resizing widgets. I am really disappointed, been waiting for official ICS upgrade for over four months and so far nothing works as it should. Guess I'll have to root my phone after all. Anyway, thanks for the reply, Tasks is great :-)
+Karel Klíma Maybe you can also try a different Launcher at first. GoLauncher allows to resize widget and for a better ICS exprience I would use Apex or Nova Launcher, which also allow to resize widgets.
Using modded Android from Samsung seems bad, try to root it and install Cynanogen on it, since it use a more "pure" version of Android's launcher.
+Claudius Ellsel+Jules Archinova​​ Yeah, the other launchers work ok, and installing custom ROM would definitely do the trick. However I really like TouchWiz because of its simplicity, so I guess I'm gonna have to live with it.
The widget looks really nice and it's great to have a direct click action for each task (in difference to GTasks just opening the app), but this arrow-down button is really anoying, so is there a plan to implement it as a scrollable widget? I really hope so ;-)
+Flo Bräuer The widget is scrollable for all devices having ICS/Honeycomb, since Android supports it since then. We know, that there are some launchers who implemented it as well, but we don't support them yet.
Thanks +Selim Cinek. Then I should finally take the time to backup and update my phone ;-)
cannot choose among different lists in widget after added to screen (don't like to show all tasks from different lists)
I can't create widget on the home screen, can anyone tell me how?
I wonder if you guys can do anything with the ICS touchwiz that messes up the widget size.. It looks horrible :(
Is the widget available on Jelly Bean? I can't find it. Please tell me. :) Ty. 
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