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Sarah Ann Harris
23. Journalist. Letter-writer. Worrier. Learning to run. Slowly.
23. Journalist. Letter-writer. Worrier. Learning to run. Slowly.

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Update: Fantastic Jantastic and my second half marathon
After a predictably sedentary Christmas, I knew it was time to get my arse into gear come January. When I read about Jantastic, it seemed like the perfect way to motivate myself to ensure I kept at least three workouts in the diary every week. It's a really...

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Do you even pre-workout?
My experience of supplements etc doesn't really stretch any further than the occasional protein shake after a long run or work out. But when the lovely people at USN offered to send me some of their Hyperlean Two-In-One pre-workout to try, I thought I'd giv...

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Monday Morning Motivation
(found here) It's an oldy but a goody. Everyone prefers to stay in their comfort zone. Your comfort zone is...well...comfortable. And right now my comfort zone is sitting in my bed. Okay, okay, I'll go for a run now. Harris x

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I've found the one...and it's a spiralizer
I thought it was just a fling. I thought maybe my feelings would change. I though perhaps my trust was misplaced. But NO, my spiralizer is definitely the one . My new boo So what is  a spiralizer? It's basically a nifty gadget for turning any fairly firm ve...

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You used to be fun! Expert tips on keeping the enjoyment in running
Where has my running mojo gone? Why am I not enjoying this any more? I've seen lots of posts recently about motivation and enjoyment - or lack of it (particularly check out Charlie's great advice on ways to get your running mojo back)! I think I'm safe to s...

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In search of the fear factor (or help me find a race!)
There's no motivation quite like sheer terror. And for me sheer terror is usually what I feel before a race.  I'm currently enjoying doing lots of little runs (nothing more than 5k) but there is NO progress happening right now. If anything I feel like I'm g...

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Run To The Beat: 14th September 2014
After hearing about the debacle that was the Run To The Beat Half Marathon last year, I was interested to see how things would be done differently this time...turns out pretty much everything had been changed! Post-race with my work colleagues The race was ...

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Liverpool Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon: 25rd May 2014
Well it only took me four months but FINALLY here's the story of my first ever half marathon! For those of you who have followed me from the start, you'll know how terrified I was when I started out running. The 5k was a big deal. The 10k was frightening. B...

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Update: A thousand and one ways to worry about your first half marathon
Aaaaaaaaargh That's pretty much all that's going through my mind now that the Liverpool Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon is almost here. Looks like this is really happening. That and a whole list of worries including: What if I just can't do it? What if my knee gi...

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Nike We Own The Night Women's 10k: 10th May 2013
This was my first race in a good while and my first one with my little sister Bex, so I was interested to see how we would handle it, but all in all I can safely say that the We Own The Night 10k was GREAT! Looking a little chilly ahead of the race I've hea...
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