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Pay with a Google + Post for a nice Font.  Works for me!

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LAST POST about advance ticket sales: 
9 sold this morning already. 20 seats left. 
sales end at midnight. you know what to do.

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Back on December 30th, 2012, I tweeted this:

"after chipping away at songs for many years, i'm confident to say that in 2013 you'll be hearing new albums from @jinny_kim and myself"

On September 21st, 2013, we're gonna make good on that promise.

For more info, and to purchase tickets - visit:

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people of the plus - i got your back too!  it's not just about FB and Twitter :) my new album entitled: BRICK BY BRICK will be releasing in September!  if you're in the NYC area, please save this date so you can come out to the album release show - it's gonna be a lot of fun!! - 9/21/13 SATURDAY - will be posting more details soon!!  till then, enjoy this little sneak preview of the album:

New Album: BRICK BY BRICK - by Koo Chung - coming in September 2013

for more updates, details - please subscribe to my email list:


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Hey Google+ Friends - Just in case you're not on facebook or twitter, I wanted to share this w/ y'all!

It would mean the world to me if you checked out my KICKSTARTER campaign to help fund my new album. Check it out when you have a moment?

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hey friends - happy monday :) can y'all do me a huge favor? i'm gonna be posting some updates soon re: my music and would love if you can "LIKE" my music page - (that is of course, if you are on facebook :))

it's been SO long since i've been active in my music career, and because my e-mail list from years ago was erased when my old website went down - this is the best way to reach everyone.  would love to have everyone on board!

also if you aren't already, please follow me on twitter @koochung- thanks so much for your support everyone - means the world to me!

thanks so much everyone!

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Today's THROWBACK THURSDAY goes out to all my friends who grew up in the eighties!!  Hope you enjoy it!  Special shout out to my buddy +Andy L for putting this video together!!

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shy about stuff like this - so i'll post this video on google + first :) - hope you enjoy this cover of "listen to our hearts" with my good friends "TIM BE TOLD" - Listen To Our Hearts (Geoff Moore / Steven Curtis Chapman) Cover - by Koo Chung ft. Tim Be Told

all of the privacy issues on facebook are making me want to move over to google + now. i wonder if it'll inevitably get just as bad here...

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oh yeah! keep forgetting to update for you non facebook people :) - Hey all! After MANY years, I finally have a new website/blog up and running! Please stop by and take a look around. There's been a huge hiatus with blogging for me, but I will be updating frequently going forward!
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