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I've been waiting for this tool for a long time.

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"  But this is where we are today. The science is in, it’s extremely clear, and the consensus among climate scientists is solid. If your political stance is based on nonsense, and you’re called out, all you can rely on is doubling down, making lots of noise over nothing, or making increasingly embarrassing stunts. You certainly can’t rely on reality, because you’ve long since left that behind.  "
"   Researchers at Google have published a paper proposing instead using “knowledge-based trust,” where the facts of the site are compared to what is commonly known to be true among trusted sources. As New Scientist says, “Facts the web unanimously agrees on are considered a reasonable proxy for truth.” You can claim, for example, that the Earth if flat, and get links from popular sites about it, but in this new system you won’t get much Google love. As you shouldn’t.
  This has climate change deniers worried. As they should be. Since they rely on ridiculous, oft-debunked claims, their Google ranking could drop.  "

by +Philip Plait 
h/t +Chris Robato +Frederic Hauge 
#googlesearch   #climatechange   #deniers  
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