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All while chewing bubble gum.

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Why Google+ will succeed and then why it won't succeed so much.

I know there are worse crimes out there in the world than what Roger Clemens did and I know Congress has bigger issues to focus on right now. But I also know that this trial is NOT what's keeping Congress from resolving the country's issues. The stubborn ideology that has Washington in gridlock would be there no matter what happened(s) with their case against Clemens.

Just interviewed with Geoff Hobson of, answering the question of deserving players that should go into the Hall of Fame. Had to make the argument for Lemar Parrish, one of the franchise's great players that's perhaps the least known.

Another indication of my age. In the past we'd watch the HR Derby and every time Chris Berman said the word "back" we'd have to take a shot. I've been legally dead, twice.

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Big news for FireFox 6. Mozilla is taking the issue of memory usage seriously and reportedly are seeing a significant improvement in performance in BETA.

Currently using it and it seems smoother.

Excited about the prospects of a new deal for the NFL, with reports suggesting the league could target July 21st as a date to ratify a new agreement during league meetings. We've written nearly 900 stories/posts on since the lockout began, mostly about conjecture of the team's plans, analysis of the previous seasons, etc..

Now with the prospects that we can examine and have something new is all too exciting. Which likely means that nothing will happen by July 21st and we'll miss the first two months of the season. That's karma for you.

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Chris Brogan has a great post with video screenshots on how to get started in Google+
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