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D.J. Gelner
Earning my writer chops, one indie story at a time.
Earning my writer chops, one indie story at a time.


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How to Fix Health Care, Our Divided Society, and REALLY Make America Great Again...
Dear President Trump, I know that as a country, we have a lot of problems right now. I also know that we have a lot of great people. People who dearly love this country, but who feel like they've been left behind. Not only that, but as a country, we've mayb...

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The #1 Way to Stay Organized and Be More Productive, Even If You're Working For Yourself
As anyone who's ever seen my desk or apartment knows, I'm not what you'd call terribly "organized." Papers and files everywhere... stuff all over the place... if left to my own devices, pretty much any environment I inhabit for an extended period of time st...

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"At Wit's End" Becomes "Double Your Income"
As you may have noticed, I haven't updated "At Wit's End," (or the old "Superblog") in quite a while. This is for a lot of different excuses  reasons: -I now have a 9-5 job that I really enjoy as the Content Manager for a men's dating advice site. -I have a...

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The unfortunate end of the Rams in St. Louis

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Everyone Lies in Business
So it's really come to this. Honestly, I couldn't decide whether to write a big old "fuck you" to Stan Kroenke (who I imagine will enjoy dining with Pol Pot and Hitler in ten years or less), to take the high road on this one, or to try to split the differen...

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How to Solve the Corporate Inversion / Jobs Dilemma
I know it's been a while, but honestly I've been working on a lot of stuff. So sue me. (Please don't sue me). One of the problems I'm always rolling around in the back of my head is how to make more jobs for ordinary, hard-working folks in this country. Thi...

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Was great being on the Q again--this one is a fun one. Anyone who wants my thoughts on the election...go ahead and listen. Enjoy!
Make sure and check out the newest episode of the Q at .

We discuss with +D.J. Gelner if Trump could effectively be president of the USA and breakdown the Democratic Debate a little.  Plus we give our opinions on bike riders (not motorcycle riders).

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There is Zero Chance Stan Kroenke Will Only Be a Landlord in Inglewood
One of the "kookier" theories I've seen bandied about in the whole Rams-St. Louis-Inglewood stadium brouhaha is that for some reason, Stan Kroenke is partnering with Stockbridge Capital to be a landlord for another NFL team (or two) in Los Angeles, while re...

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Why Do People Line Up to Be Cogs in the Machine?
I just don't get it. I see the same story time and time again. Very bright young person is ready to conquer the world... All kinds of "crazy" or "out there" ideas of how to do so... Then slowly, the machine comes calling. At first, it's an easy sell: "Need ...

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How I Gave Away Over 2,000 Books on Kindle in 3 Days Without Any Prep Work
As many of you know, I co-edited an anthology of sci-fi and fantasy short stories this year with my good friend and fellow author J.M. Ney-Grimm. The result is Quantum Zoo , a book near and dear to our hearts, and the hearts of the ten other writers who con...
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