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Hello, I am curious about your situation and write about purchase the maintenance.

In my country, if want to buy a Delphi, have to use the reseller. But, I think the following situation is strange, what about the other countries? Is it normal and same?

My case is forgotten the re-purchase it, three months ago. Yes, it is my fault. So I asked to the reseller about the buy it.

And the answer is like followings:
1. Can not buy it for the original maintenance price.
2. If I want to buy it, I have to pay for it by 100% increment. And they call it the penalty.
3. But the maintenance period is same. It means I pay again it after nine months. But It is weird, I pay for it by double price. Uhmm... Because of the penalty?
4. They told me, it is EMBT policy.

Looking at other development tools, I have used the JetBrains product like a WebStorm. And also they have a similar policy maintenance. The only difference is there is no penalty and If I buy the maintenance the will only be extended for the remaining period.

What do you think? If the situation is weird, I hope that it will be improved in a good way.

By the way, because almost every product is using a Delphi and I need to 10.2.1 update, I will soon be making a purchase.

Thank you for reading :)

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+Marco Cantù Hello :) I want to use the picture on the "preparing for linux" as my desktop wall paper. Yes, It is a picture with a penguin. Can you share with high resolution images?
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Is there anyone with interests the Delphi language improvements ?.
e.g., string support in case statement, inheritance helper, improvement property syntax like a c#, support nullable type...
Someday, hope to see in the roadmap.

ps. Dear all. Nowadays, while I studying English. Please understand that english writing is wrong. Thank you :)

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Help! need your advice.
I want to declare a genric class refrence type as like this, but XE3 could not. 

THashClass = class of THash<T>;
THash<T> = class;

The error is the following;
[dcc32 Error] gHash.pas(31): E2029 ';' expected but '<' found

How to solve the problem ?

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한달 남짓동안 여기 저기 회사에사 면접을 보았다. 면접을 보면서 느꼈던 점.

한국회사(이하 한) : 상관들이 면접을 본다.
외국회사(구글, 이하 구) : 동료들이 면접을 본다.

한 : 기술보다 경력을 본다.
구 : 기술만 본다.

한 : 회사 적응력을 중요하게 생각한다.
구 : 기술만 본다.

한 : 면접 과정에서부터 정장 차림을 요구하는 분위기.
구 : 대놓고 "you may come in jeans".

한 : "회사의 전사 차원의 목표를 직원이 따라 간다" 라는 느낌.
구 : "개인의 능력이 모여 회사가 구성된다" 라는 느낌.

한 : passive 개발자(시키는 거 잘 하는 개발자)에게 적합.
구 : active 개발자(하고 싶은 거 하는 개발자)에게 적합.
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