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Just got an email asking if I can work the first pre-season game at Arrowhead this Friday. My body is telling me no, but my wallet is screaming fuck yes.

I have a job interview in like 4 hours at the football stadium, not sure if I want to chance a nap or not.

I can't get the cap off!

Strongly considering setting up my Synths, effects and sampler to my mac and making some Dubstep because I'm convinced you can do it blindfolded.

OH SHIIIIIIT, I'm going to PAX Prime now guys. EXCITE.

Been watching Archer, getting into Season 2 now. I forgot how completely AMAZING this show is. "DAAAAAAAAAAAYNJAAA ZOOOOONE"

SO fucking tired of these "Help dying animals" commercials

New Planet of the Apes movie? PASS. Oh, James Franco is in it? SOLD.

Where the FUCK did this storm come from?
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