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Lord Delacroix
Living, Loving and Enjoying every second I get.
Living, Loving and Enjoying every second I get.

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Yet another Microsoft update for Windows 10 sends me down the river and i get to spend yet another day off reinstalling everything... Microsoft can't do anything right anymore.

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Ce week-end, six millions de votants ont oublié leurs valeurs. J'hésite entre consternation et incompréhension.

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"Executive Pro" is my current template for Lightning Launcher including a huge set of 28 Zooper Widgets I just released on Play Store -- again fully compatible with my ZW Color Styler app.

The template is exported from 720x1280, so it should work on many devices (also on 1080x1920 -- not tested) out-of-the-box.

I even included a "Help Page" as quickstart guide -- check it out :-)

Watch the video to see it in action.

This time I decided to publish a free basic version (contains just the basic widgets) as well as a paid "Pro" version with all widgets.

Free version:
Calendar, Clock, Clock with Analog Clock, Google (Chrome, Play, Search), Music 4x1 and 4x2, System Info with Bars, Weather Now and 2 Days, WorldMap 4x2

Pro version:
3 different Calendar, Calendar and Weather combined, 3 Clocks 4x1 (Clock, Clock and Analog Clock, Clock and Owner Badge, Clock and WorldMap), Clock 4x2 and Today (Weather and Appointments), Google (Chrome, Play, Search), Music 4x1 and 4x2, Owner Badge, Contact Badges, 4x System Info (Battery & SD, Cell & Wifi, All with Bars, All without Bars), Weather Now and 2 Days, Weather 3 Days, 4 different WorldMap widgets (each in 4x1 and 4x2)

The location marker on the WorldMap widget is automatically positioned to your current location. The map is font-based, so you can choose between 15 different maps styles (outline, solid, rastered) by simply choosing a letter "c" to "p" in widgets setting (the layers are marked accordingly).

All icons used are also font based; they can be easily replaced, are scalable and their colors be changed. They're the previously used licensed "Eldorado Stroke" icon by IcoJam, converted from SVGs with
Font character maps are here:

"Executive" LL(x) Template and ZW Skins (FREE):

"Executive" ZW Skins (FREE):

"Executive Pro" LL(x) Template and ZW Skins (€0.89):

"Executive Pro" ZW Skins (€0.79):

ZW Color Styler (FREE):

Video: "Executive" LL(x) Template and Zooper Widgets
"Executive (Pro)" ZW Skin and LL Template
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Nothing quite like a little Vivaldi with the morning coffee on a gorgeous morning like today! 

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Just fabulous software. Works well, easy to configure and, well it just works - sadly that is a rare trait with software these days. Thanks TeamViewer Team for this wonderful product!

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