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TOP +PE Photogs

*This circle is one that is worth having in your circles.
(1 of 2) (due to 500 person circle limit)

It is a very good one for new people to jump start their selves if they are fans of good photography and helpful photographers! Re-share it with your own friends.*
There are some must haves like +Trey Ratcliff +Thomas Hawk +Mike Shaw +Alan Shapiro +Klaus Herrmann +Scott Jarvie +Benjamin Chase +Patrick Di Fruscia +Darren White +Joe Azure +Hengki Koentjoro +Jesse Estes +Peter From +Olivier Du Tré +Alvin Ing +Alexander Safonov +Mihailo Radičević and many other incredible photographers that share their photos and knowledge.

If you have not yet experienced the daily dose of what +Jarek Klimek has created with his #PlusPhotoExtract project, I would highly recommend it. You can get to it here http://www.photoextract.com/plus-extract

This is my current update for pictures (chosen as of 1/22)

I will be re-sharing this circle today to cover the time zones.

These are the photographers that have had their pictures chosen to be in it.

I update it weekly on Tuesday PST.
Interesting stats for all the selected pictures and photographers can be found in the “About” section here:

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