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Where to find a one-stop hydraulic repair shop in Pittsburgh

As modern consumers, we are used to the convenience of one-stop shopping. At this point, we expect to be able to visit a store and be able to purchase groceries, tires and a new watch. Businesses often don’t have the same opportunity when it comes to finding all their needs in one location. However, that isn’t the case for a vast array of industries looking for a one-stop hydraulic repair shop in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

RL Miller LLC is unique in that it not only offers access to parts from the world’s leading manufacturers of parts, it also provides an onsite hydraulic repair shop. This means that businesses from all over the area can visit and pick up virtually any part they need and work directly with experts to design custom solutions. With such an extensive inventory of parts, there is no need to worry about waiting for an order or a custom part.

When time is money, there is nothing more valuable than having easy access to high-quality parts that can be custom fit to address your specific needs. In all likelihood, there has been an instance in the past where you wasted a few hours calling around to various suppliers looking for a specific part. You might have started your search by calling places close by, but then had to expand your travel radius as more stores told you they didn’t have the part. That can leave you with the choice of waiting for a part to arrive or traveling dozens of miles to get your hydraulic equipment back up and running.

Either way, you are losing out on valuable time and risking putting a project behind schedule. Not being able to find the right part can have a snowball effect that can turn into a big headache. That is exactly why RL Miller LLC stands out as a one-stop hydraulic shop that you help you avoid delays, protect your workers and keep your hydraulic equipment in top performing shape.

To learn more, contact RL Miller directly or visit our Facebook page for examples of repairs we have completed.
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Custom Engineered Hydraulic Hand Pumps from Specialists in Pittsburgh

Hydraulic hand pumps provide a highly portable and durable tool that can be an essential part of day-to-day operations for a variety of industries. The right pump will be able to stand up to a demanding work environment while also protecting workers. While hydraulic hand pumps come in a variety of sizes and both hand and foot versions, standard designs may not always meet the requirements of challenging projects. In these cases, custom engineered pumps are the ideal solution.

The staff at RL Miller LLC have years of experience providing custom engineered solutions to businesses throughout the Pittsburgh area. The process begins with getting to know more about your project and specific requirements. This information will be used to create a custom engineered hydraulic hand pump that will provide the right combination of reservoir, flow and maximum pressure features so that you can enjoy safe, reliable performance that addresses your needs.

Many people simply try to make the best of the pumps they have on hand, but this can cause a variety of problems. Working with the wrong tools is bound to reduce efficiency and cause delays, which ultimately translated into additional costs. Rigging equipment can also compromise safety and put workers in danger.

Instead of cutting corners and taking unnecessary risks, you can visit RL Miller and work directly with a highly-trained technician with the skills and experience to create custom engineered hydraulic hand pumps. In many cases, visitors are able to receive a same-day solution and leave with the custom solution they need. RL Miller has an extensive inventory that allows them instant access to necessary parts. There is no need to experience further delays as you wait for a custom solution to be manufactured.

No matter what industry you work in or what kind of project you need help with, RL Miller is the Pittsburgh area’s premiere source for hydraulic hand pumps and customized solutions. If you would like to learn more about their services, speak with an expert and receive a free custom quote, contact RL Miller LLC today and get started on your custom project.
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Setting up your microbrewery? Here’s where to find metric hydraulic fittings

Beer connoisseurs have turned into home brewers and home brewers are now setting up their own microbreweries. In addition, farm to table movements have become more mainstream and the average person is looking for a little more flavor and excitement when it comes to their food and drinks. This collision of interest and demand has created the perfect environment for microbreweries to thrive in practically any community. For brewers, the main challenge isn’t finding customers, but setting up a sterile and efficient brew system that uses the right metric hydraulic fittings to ensure consistent quality in all their products.

The good news it that as the microbrewery scene continues to grow, access to parts has also increased. Despite this, it can still be difficult to find specific parts that fit unique brew systems. A one-size-fits-all approach making parts doesn’t serve the needs of microbrewers all over the country. At RL Miller, we are proud to carry a wide variety of parts and supplies, including metric hydraulic fittings, for setting up unique microbreweries. We also specialize in creating custom solutions so that you can always get the parts you need.

For decades, we have served the greater Pittsburgh, PA area by providing hydraulic hoses, pumps, fittings and other parts that help businesses across a wide range of industries operate safely and efficiently. At our store, customers can visit and work directly with a highly experienced hydraulics experts who can answer all your questions and work to create a custom solution that same day.

Microbreweries can also take advantage of our years of experience and get the help they need to create custom parts and accessories for their brewing system. Instead of trying to make the best of metric hydraulic fittings that just aren’t quite what you need, partner with skilled technicians experts to create custom fittings that will allow you to hone your craft and produce quality products.

To learn more about how we can help you set up your microbrewery and create customer parts, call or visit us today at We are happy to help and provide a custom quote.
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Full Repair Services and Kits for Hydraulic Cylinders

Maintaining your industrial equipment is an essential part of ensuring maximum safety and efficiency. Investing in hydraulic cylinder repair kits can help prolong the life of your equipment and avoid having to totally replace expensive tools that are vital to every day operations. That is why it is important to partner with a reputable supplier who has an extensive stock of parts on hand and can provide custom solutions.

Having easy access to the parts you need to repair your equipment can eliminate downtime and allow you to stay on schedule without going over budget. While top parts manufacturers provide both parts and repair kits, there are certain situations where a stock kit simply won’t get the job done. It isn’t uncommon for projects to require custom solutions. The good news is that repair kits can also be custom made and designed to address unique specifications.

There are also some situations where obsolete equipment needs to be repaired. Just because manufacturers no longer make that model or actively offer repair kits for that specific cylinder, doesn’t mean that you are out of luck. Hydraulic cylinder repair kits can be designed to fix dated machinery without requiring businesses to spend limited resources on new equipment. Even old equipment that is no longer in production can be repaired and brought up to speed.

When you are shopping around for the right parts supplier to help keep your industrial and hydraulic equipment up and running, be sure to look for a reputable company who offers custom solutions. The right company will also offer repair kits that meet OEM standards so that you can rest assured that your kit will provide the best in long-lasting performance.

At RL Miller, we provide a full range of repair services along with hydraulic cylinder repair kits to accommodate the most popular and trusted brands in your industry. Our team of highly trained experts have years of experience creating custom solutions for a wide range of equipment that serves important industries. You can shop online, give us a call or visit our warehouse and receive a free quote.
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Chances are that you work in a demanding and dynamic environment. No matter how much you start each day with a plan of exactly how you would like things to go, it is pretty rare that projects simply fall into place. You have to be ready for the unexpected and prepared to handle problems and new challenges the moment they happen. Having the right equipment on hand can be key. The good news is that partnering with the right parts and hydraulic supply company can leave you perfectly positioned to navigate any bumps in the road and keep your projects on track.

Hydraulic power packs come is a variety of sizes, which means that even if you have a power pack on hand, it might not offer enough horsepower to create the pressure you need. That is where rental options come into play. For an affordable price, you can quickly acquire the perfect piece of equipment to complete the job. There is no need to try and get by with what you have or invest in purchasing your own if you have hydraulic power unit rental options.

At RL Miller LLC, we work to keep a wide range of hydraulic power units on hand and ready to rent. Each product can be equipped with directional control valves and come with standard manifolds. Choose from a variety of hydraulic pump applications and choose the right accessories to complete any job. Each unit is also ready to safely transport using a crane or forklift. It couldn't be easier or more affordable to quickly get the right hydraulic power unit.

Sometimes solving a problem on-site means coming up with a custom solution. Every job is unique and a one-size-fits-all solution just won't cut it. Our team of experts will work closely with you to learn about your project and your challenges and help design a custom solution to address your hydraulic needs. With an extensive warehouse of supplies on site, we can immediately modify parts and have you on your way.

For more information about our hydraulic power until rental options and parts supply warehouse, call or visit RL Miller LLC today.
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Hydraulic Hose Repair Service in Pittsburgh, PA
Your area leader in hydraulic hose repair
At RL Miller LLC, we excel at assisting our customers, from troubleshooting hydraulic hose repair to improving on existing hydraulic system design configurations. With over 50 years, our partnership with the industry’s top hydraulic systems and component manufacturers allow us to offer the fast, friendly and experienced repair services you require in your time of need, including:
Our on-site, factory authorized repair center.
Our repair center, located within our parts warehouse and store on 705 Mansfield in Pittsburgh, is open 6 days a week, with a dedicated, experienced team standing by to meet your repair needs from pumps and valves to cylinders and accumulators and motor overhauls.
Mobile service.
Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you, whether you need repairs on-site or on the road. Call in with the hose size you need and we can get it to you. We even offer after-hours, emergency service.
Preventive service.
Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians can perform the preventive maintenance your systems need to reduce repairs, prevent downtime, and extend the life of your equipment, including filter replacement, tank cleaning, oil analysis and replacement, and more.
Fast access to quality hydraulic components.
We have everything you need for hydraulic hose repair at our Pittsburgh store, conveniently located behind our parts warehouse.
Not just the best solution - the right one
At RL Miller LLC, we understand every second and every penny counts. That’s why we pride ourselves on getting you back up on running fast – and offering practical, cost-effective solutions, advising you on your options from repair to replacement depending on the situation, with flexible payment plans and financing available to meet your financial needs.
The help you need – when you need it
When you’re in need, trust in the friendly, caring, hydraulic hose repair services experts at RL Miller LLC. You can rely on us for fast, quality service on even the toughest repairs:
Monday – Friday, 8AM-5PM
Saturday, 8AM-12PM
After Hours Emergency Phone
(412) 463-8433
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