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Does anyone else have an XP formula/idea for new characters joining an established group?
My working solution at the moment is that the new player's character receives 5+n XP to spend however they like, where n= total number of sessions. The intent is that they will be generally a little behind the other PCs in terms of overall XP, but for the purposes of skills, they have a slight boost so they don't have to compensate as much.

I'm gonna be running a game group with some of my friends soon inspired by Invisible Sun and the kickstarter, so I thought I'd shared a bit of the introduction I've written:

As you walk through a crowd, a man in a black, ragged bowler hat and a brown coat grabs your arm and pulls you aside. “You're being followed,” he whispers, and waves his hand very briefly. A purple light glows from his sleeves and you feel your pupils dilate. A distance behind you, standing in the middle of the crowd is a tall, flickering shape of red and black. It's like television static, a bare flittering image that can hardly hold itself. “Don't stare. It doesn't know much about Shadow, and it certainly can't understand English. But if you stare, it might realise you can see it, and it may not remain so passive in its trailing you.” The man waves his hand again and you can no longer see the shape. “You'll have to come with me. I've got wards against things like that. Then we can discuss why you have a darkshade following you, and what the hell you're going to do about it.”
The man leads you down the street briskly, and turns a corner, then pulls you toward the edge of it.
To your surprise, he passes through the corner, and disappears into the brickwork. And so do you.

You find yourself inside a small, 1950s style home, with minimal leather furnishings. The man steps forward away from the door, which he'd apparently just stepped through.
“Alright, finally. Hi. I'd ask if I can take your coat, but I honestly have no idea where my coat rack has gone. I suspect its hidden behind one of the walls, it does that sometimes. Not so pleasant on cold evenings when I need one, but I can sometimes coax it back out with the promise of a new scarf. Before we sit down, I should probably give you a fair warning. My home has an infestation right now, so take this.” The strange man hands you a hammer. “If you see your reflection, smash it. Now, let's get down to business. I've pulled both of you here because you were being followed by a darkshade. They don't just follow anyone, and especially not just anyone from Shadow. In all my years, I have only ever seen them follow Vislae, and neither of you seem to have the sense of awareness that would come with being one of the children of Visla. So...what did you do?” You can only see you and the man in the room, so you don't know why he's saying 'both.'
The man stares for a moment. “Ah! Yes. I almost forgot.” He reaches down, rolls up his sleeve, then taps his watch three times. When you look back up, there are two of him, and both of them were just tapping their watches. Now, beside you, is another, also apparently confused about just what is happening to them.
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