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Today I looked back and noticed I have had gmail for 10 years now as I type this on my Google nexus 7 and my home phone is also Google voice .. I want to give a huge thank you to Google for everything you have done for me and my family in these last 10 years .. look forward to all the new things Google has in store for us all. Thank you Google 

my dream for the NEW American future:

i want to build a website (with some help) for inventors/ designers / back yard engineers / DIY to partner with American made manufacturing.

a place where a normal person can submit a non patented idea. for the sole purpose of keeping our great ideas in (USA) America. this website would allow only American manufacturing company’s to partner with the submission (idea) maker directly .... no more outsourcing of American (ideas) products.

what i have figured out is this:
(1) patents are a mess. they will take too long to get the product of today to the hands of the ones that could benefit from todays (ideas).
(2) technology waits for no government red tape (over seas company’s will adopt it as a standard long before its a official "standard") dont understand read about "wifi" and how long it took for the official standard of "G" band.

what we need:
(1) American manufactures with a R & D team ready for new innovations.
(2) great (idea) submissions from all Americans with a (idea) that you feel will improve the (usa) America.

(1) even if the idea is not yet patented .... by submission to the website the (idea) you are now noted as the "first with this (idea)" covering you and the manufacture.
(2) open submissions (no patents) to the website will encourage each and every citizen of the USA to submit (ideas).
(3) the reward is more "American jobs" making American made products from American ideas.
(4) ideally the website will have categorise that you feel is best for (ideas) so you can target your (ideas) directly to the makers R&D departments (confidentially) with out names.
(5) knowing in your heart you are trying to help improve your own country become bigger n better than just sitting on a idea that could change the lives of so many.
(6) it will help fellow mankind with your (ideas) as well as create more jobs and potential a profit share from the American maker (even a 1% could add up vary quickly.) 1% of nothing is still nothing. but 1% of something that could become a huge success could be worth much more.. or just pure piece of mind knowing that your idea is helping or changing the world.

never let your ideas disappear. you got them for a reason. this site is not to make it rich quick place, it will be to help fellow mankind and the USA become the greatest innovation (ideas) of the world. with everyone’s help.

hope you all enjoy my thoughts cris bishop

sweet the android update to 4.4.2 did nothing at all to make my wifi card in my nexus work..  thanks obama  #nexus7 , #google , #androidkitkat , #android   now roll back to jellybean it worked and was faster and the wifi worked (on a wifi only device) girrrrrrr

google please fix your nexus 7 update from the kitkat 4.4. disaster ,, no more wifi on a wifi only device sucks. now its just a fancy mp3 player :(
#google , #nexus7 , #androidkitkat , #wifi  

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nuff said

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aaarrrrghhhhh............. argh matey

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my friends new site ..  trying to help her get more internet attention

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seen a cool ring light at a event my daughter had, so i made my own out of LED so i can take it out and about. needs a lil practice but here are a few test pics
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